November 28, 2022

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Ziba and Olympia insisted on winning the classic El Progresso, Apertura – Dice 15th Day

The next day of the National League are bold games, defined by the days and times of the week. The classic Ceyba Victoria vs Vida conflict exists at both levels.

The coconut trees were the animators of the championship. After the win against Olympia, they now have a free hand to qualify for the semifinals or win rounds to look for a new final after 29 years.

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There will be an international competition in the middle, with the Marathon and Mottakova facing each other for the Confederations League, with both teams set to dispute their commitment on Sunday and are scheduled to retire one more day on Saturday.

Purslane is urged to win until the 15th; They play Real Espana face-to-face and get Platteness at home from Primi Maradia and pay more for it. Meanwhile, Motakuwa hosts Real Sociedad, which beat Victoria with a new coach.

Meanwhile, Real Espana will have a tough visit to Danley, El Paraso, where they will face Lopos UPN, which is fully registered for league qualification. From the hands of Professor Carlos Ral Cசரceres, with his colorful football, he will be a competitor who will hire Arinecros.

But before this arrival on the 15th, the machine will play a redesigned match of a match date against Victoria on Wednesday, which will further increase the position if the Champetronos win. The Jayboks have to win because they will actively fight to maintain the genre in Klasura.

Day 15 to confirm
Saturday 23-10-21 CD Victoria vs Vida
Saturday 23-10-21 Honduras Progresso vs Olympia
Saturday 23-10-21 Lobos UPN vs Real España
Sunday 10-24-21 (3.00 pm) Marathon vs Plato
Sunday 10-24-21 (4.00 pm) Modagua vs Real Sociedad

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