Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Berzerkus Tour Rips Through Vancouver


Zakk WyldeBlack Label Berzerkus
PNE Forum
Vancouver, BC
September 22, 2010

By Darren Lulka

Tonight in Vancouver, everyone went berzerkus as legendary metal guitarist Zakk Wylde brought the Black Label Berzerkus tour to the Olympic City. Headlined by Wylde’s Black Label Society, The two-month North American tour also features Clutch, Children Of Bodom and 2Cents, is one hell of a night of incredible music.

The all ages crowd came out in droves to see some great metal and hear their guitar hero shred the night away. Just before they finally dropped the curtain for BLS, the mainly younger male crowd were almost getting squished to death in a rush to get close to Wylde. But they still managed to keep up with the huge echo that seemed empower the full house.

Wylde kicked things off by ripping into one of his famous riffs, his guitar screeching to higher decibels as fans watched in awe as the guitar master put on a show like none other. Once completed, Zakk stood at center stage with his arms stretched out in his all too familiar pose. At this point, the crowd was going insane. This was probably most of the under age fans that had ever seen their guitar hero in action, as BLS has always played gigs at drinking establishments.

He took his spot center stage for most of the show belting out lyrics and was almost drowned out by the way too loud guitars – if you weren’t wearing ear plugs, your ears would be buzzin’ for a couple days most definitely! It was one pounding tune after another as the PNE Forum went crazy. It was intensely loud, distorted burst of sound, but that’s the only way I’ve heard BLT in the past …and I can’t imagine it any differently!

The crowd got what they paid for…. a no frills, no bullshit, head bangin’, hair tossin’, fullout show. But we mostly got to be part of the BLS cult of Berzerkers. Black Label Berzerkus should not be missed at any cost. Cheers to Clutch, Children of Bodom and 2Cent for being part of one hell of a tour.

Zakk Wylde

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