November 28, 2022

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“You will not play here anymore, it’s better to look for another club.”


Yusuf Demir This will be the first loss Barcelona Just eight days before the start of the winter market.

Chavez Hernandez has revealed that he has rejected the Brazilian team

Confirmed this Thursday by Daily brand, ” The decision has already been made by the Bar நிர்வாகம்a club’s sports management and player. His departure will be officially announced in a few more days.

The 18-year-old Austrian has not entered into forward plans ServiceTherefore, moving to another team is the best thing for his career, he told the coaching board.

The underlying factor that depends on both parties Purchase option Signed that Barcelona With Vienna Rapid About Iron. If the footballer plays 10 games with Bar பார்a, this option to buy for மில்லியன் 10 million will be implemented immediately. This time, he has played nine games between the league and the Champions League.

Game Directorate Barcelona Consider that this is not the time to pay that amount for this player. Come Iron As a talented footballer, but did not explode as he expected at the club. Run it now as payroll is low Purchase option And it doesn’t make sense to spend $ 10 million on a pioneer who doesn’t make a difference.

Messi hurt President LaBorte for his statements

The aforementioned source revealed how he asked the Austrian about his departure: “Here you will no longer play because the purchase option we do not want to implement will be implemented. The best thing is, you are looking for another team. ”

Iron I will be back Vienna Rapid, His home club, but he will not stay there, and can play another powerful league like the Bundesliga because there are two German clubs who started asking about his condition.

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The young forwards gave a good impression in the season and the first official games. However, its effectiveness decreases over time. Finally Barசாa decided not to execute the rule.