December 1, 2022

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Ydanis Rodríguez is the new Director of Transportation for NY

Mayor-elect Eric Adams appointed Dominican on Monday Ydanis Rodriguez What Commissioner Of Department of Transportation From the city New York (DTO), became the first Latin to hold that position.

Rodriguez, who worked with Adams as director of the Latin campaign for mayor-elect, was NY-10 district councilor for 12 years. Upper Manhattan, Resigned from his post for holding the maximum term of re-election.

“We will continue to look for innovative ways to reduce our dependence Vehicles Emits carbon, and instead build the city I prioritize Consistency And this Security Pedestrians and cyclists, ”Yadanis said after accepting the appointment.

Serves as Dominican leader Municipal Transport Committee, The post he held for eight years.

“Basically they gave him the chair Commissioner Taxis and limousines and it was rejected, ”a source told the New York Post. “After he was rejected, he was given the position of DOT or mayor who would have been a transport adviser.”

This Monday, the elected mayor named five deputy mayors who have worked with him on various functions, led by Lorraine Grillo, known as the “reconstruction jar” of the city after the Covit-19 crisis.

The list includes Maria Torres-Springer from the Philippines, who will be in charge of economics and labor development and will be the deputy mayor for Sheena Wright and strategic initiatives leading the charity United Way.

Dominican community database worldwide.

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