December 10, 2022

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Yalitsa Abarizio wins Hollywood Walk of Fame with Alejandro Sans with Microtop: Photo

Recently The Actress Internationally acclaimed Mexican woman Alfonso Crohn has attracted media attention for her role in the Albert Award-winning film “Roma”. International.

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Although it is customary to watch Yalitsa Aparcio This time the original was surprising, especially for those referring to the Cinema Guild at the biggest times internationally. TlaxiacoAppeared on the Walk of Fame in Oaxaca Hollywood.

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Yalitsa Aparcio wonders in Hollywood

The reason for this is this afternoon Friday On October 1, Spanish singer Alejandro Sans gathered at the iconic site and received nothing more or less than his own star at the Pacio de la. Fame.

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This event not only attracted international attention due to its nature, but also what is true Even Attracted attention Yalitsa Aparicio Alejandro was one of those in charge of giving a few words on stage addressing Sans.

Let us remember that Sans established himself as one of the most successful artists in the world of spoken music. Spanish, Is now recognized with his career prestigious medal Greetings Along with the biggest stars in history Culture Pop

Yalitsa Aparcio impresses with her outfit

However, the actress who appeared in this gala was really surprised Mexican, Who was a respected maid at the historical moment Alejandro Sans.

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Immediately attracted attention Done The Mexican actress was bright when the plate opened in Hollywood Due to He was wearing an incredible dress, where he mentioned that he was wearing an apricot Micro top In gray, with a white jacket and trousers Color.

Another Subject Yalitsa caught the eyes of millions of her fans after bragging on the networks, before opening the star on the Walk of Fame. Social Beautiful bouquet you received Alejandro Sans, Thanks to the “Roma” actress who collaborated on this special show for herself.

Yalitsa Aparcio was the brightest next to Alejandro Sans. IG Photo: