September 30, 2022

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Xavi Hernandez returns to Barcelona to point out Ronald Koeman’s condition

Barcelona will no longer take Ronald Coman’s sequence as an end in itself, as a meeting is scheduled between Joan Laporte and the Dutch coach in the next few days to confirm his continuation (his every hour is unlikely to pass) or mark his decision on the bench. Club circles have assured ESPN Deportes that they have no connection so far with Xavi Hernandez, but at the same time, they have aired that this could happen soon.

Forsyth faces the last week of the season, with nothing to speak of on the field and all that needs to be done in the sports city offices. After celebrating the Champions League with the women’s team this Monday, Joan LaBorte returned from Sweden and, with all sorts of speculation, coincidentally and precisely, the Catalan coach returned from Qatar to begin his vacation after the end of the season. In the Arab country.

Updated, but with a free division if claimed by Persia, Xavi is waiting for events at the club, where Koman has lost practically all support in the offices, and it is doubtful that the end of this season will be more disastrous than any or all of the coach’s approach.

Beneficial to bet on stability as he demonstrated in his first term as president, while holding the Riggard bench against everything in January 2004, Laborda understands that what should be done now without Koman is a gesture in the face of a public opinion that is often opposed, which puts pressure on his game management And a significant increase in betting on the service, which will not come at a pessimistic moment like what happened with Cardiola in 2008, but could be marked by that decision at the beginning of a period.

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Koman announced on Saturday his desire to continue if there was “unquestionable” support from leaders, and during a meal he shared it with the president and his right-hand man Rafa Yust. What happened on Sunday against Zelda saw a team that resigned more effortlessly in the fight for the league, indicating that if it were not in his offices, it would not have been considered by most of the team.

While Valverde has already been sacked and punished a few weeks before the Lisbon disaster, the same dressing room is now coldly watching the fall of a new coach, who will be third in 16 months, a project that has dragged down a sporting slope leading to a new path that has haunted the club for so long. It is considered dangerous because it is unthinkable.

The undeniable personality servant in the Parsi environment is patiently and quietly waiting for the days to come … and he certainly does so with undeniable personal commitment. With the ability to negotiate and command, if the door is reopened, it will break the mold.

Also, a new revolution, with one coach or another, is pending at the club to see if it will affect the locker room. The revolution that has directly affected the sacred and untouchable cows in recent years.