X-Men First Class – Blu-Ray Review

X-Men Xmen First ClassX-Men First Class continues the incredibly successful X-Men franchise. The movies themselves have been a little hit and miss with most critics and movie-goers agreeing that they have gone downhill with each sequel. This isn’t, though, exactly a sequel. X-Men First Class is more of a prequel telling the back story of how Professor X and Magneto first became friends and then bitter rivals. To provide even more background the film goes into great detail about some of the other key mutants featured in the films including Beast and Mystique.

The Story (B+) – This is a fantastic story and reminds me of the most recent Star Trek flick (although not as good). It is definitely a heck of a lot better than some of the more recent films in the series. As mentioned this is a prequel to the X-Men series and the story telling is superb. If anything there might actually be a bit too much story for the film. There are a LOT of different characters on both sides and its sometimes a bit hard to remember who’s on who’s side and what their mutant ability is. Even as an avid comic book reader and a huge fan of the X-Men story (Wolverine FTW) I had a hard time keeping up. I can’t imagine how much harder it would have been for those just starting with this movie or not familiar with the story in general.

The Film (A-) – There is some amazing action in the movie and having to incorporate all these mutants special abilities couldn’t have been easy. The film really stands out on Blu-Ray which is really the only way to own this movie. And … who really wouldn’t enjoy seeing Emma Frost in HD!?!

The Conclusion (B+) – Truth be told, its borderline B+/A-, but I just couldn’t help but compare it to Star Trek and given the option would re-watch that one over and over again. I am not even that big a Star Trek fan (never seen a whole episode of the series but seen most of the movies) and am a way bigger comic fan. So … in this reviewers humble opinion, X-Men First Class is a definite must own … and only worth owning on Blu-Ray!