November 28, 2022

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Without Ormeño! Raul Jimenez is replaced by Henry Martin and Alan Pulito

No Peruvian would be surprised Mexican team, Because the coach Gerardo Martino The striker will not be included in his salary Santiago Ormeno, As yes Henry Martin Y Alan Pulito, Only two Nominal perspectives For the European tour of the tricolor.

Team Tata Will meet Gales On March 27th Cardiff, And he will face on the 30th Costa Rica In the Austrian city Weiner Newstodt, There will be no parties Raul Jimenez Because he is recovering from a skull fracture that occurred on November 30th Javier Hernandez, Is still far from the orbit of the technical director.

For this reason, coaching staff think about playing Decadito Corona, Chuckie Lozano Y Rodolfo Pizarro Axis of attack, at the same time Henry Martin I will play an alternative role Polished, The latter is likely to be less than minutes.

Polished Not playing since October 29, his last game M.L.S., Then he lost Playoffs Due to a knee injury, he had to lose Close FIFA Last November.

Close sources Mexican team They explained Mediotempo What Martino Didn’t spend much time analyzing Ormono, The best Mexican striker so far this football year, since he was added 13 goals, For 12 Henry Martin And in 12 Jose Juan Maccas.

Ormono There is nationality Mexican and Peruvian. The opportunities for you to choose are strong Peru, Whose Choice This has been followed more timely than in Mexico. However, forward Puebla Invalid for any selection on Close FIFA In March, Conmepol canceled European qualifying rounds scheduled for that time due to logistics issues as a result of the epidemic.

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It must be remembered Jose Juan Maccas With, there is a good semester 6 goals in 2021 Guardians, As Ormono, But forward Sivas He will not be invited to Tri-Mayor as he will be going to the pre-Olympics competition with Sub 23 which will take place from March 18 to 30 Guadalajara.

Coach of the Sub 23, Jaime Lozano, There was a midnight limit of March 8 to send the list Pre-Olympic Concoff Not sure yet what he will call Uriel Antuna. In case it is not included Before the Olympics, Tata will take him on a European tour because he has only been to his post so far Pizarro, As who Pulitzer did not play either Since October and who does not believe Martino Finally Close FIFA.