September 28, 2022

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With the controversial decision, Galo Estrada takes revenge on Chocladito

The Mexican defeated the Central American by a split decision after 12 extreme rounds and became the Super Flyweight Champion of the WBC and WBA

Dallas – Mexican Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada He got the best of a real battle above the ring, from which he landed with the World Boxing Council and the World Cup Super Fly Championships.

Estrada defeated Nicaraguan by a split decision Roman “Chocolateito” Gonzalez To add to his WBC Championship, WBA at the main event of the boxing evening in Dallas, Texas.

Judges Estrada won 115-113 and 117-111, while another saw Gonzalez win 115-113 in the second edition of their first mutual match, which had been waiting almost nine years.

However, the real winner was usually the boxer, one of the brightest and most explosive fights of recent times between the two real world champions.

“Chocladito is a great boxer, he came to fight for the truth,” Estrada said. “I knew I had to attack relentlessly because I was facing a real champion. I think I took control more clearly from the tenth round.”

Estrada (42-3-0) turned out to be a “rooster” who, with initiative and strength against “Chocladito” (50-3-0), was slow to start his attack, perhaps waiting to measure his victory in the match, with a very natural weight.

But in the middle of the second round, both fighters can go with all the aggression and precision for the rest of the fight, to the delight of the nearly 4,000 fans who paid for tickets to the boxing ceremony at the American Airlines Center. In Dallas.

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“I did a good job and the fight was very close,” Gonzalez said. “I think this fight is better than the first fight.”

The third roll is no different. Estrada and Gonzalez repeatedly attacked their best talents, adapting the attack, with good combinations, hip movements and determination, ever since they were on public foot.

It was a “big league” battle, so they both didn’t give up a fight, and in no time, Nicaraguan Gonzalez seemed to be taking over the case in the fourth round, when the Mexican Estrada responded to the challenge.

In the sixth round, “Chocolateito” Gonzalez had already thrown more than half the size for more than the exact amount and was able to connect from the right, finishing Estrada’s face from the left and hitting his combinations, competing before the defensive pace.

No fighter has anything. In the second half of the fight they kept throwing punches everywhere. Estrada finished seventh, scoring in the face of Gonzalez, who had scored at least two in previous rounds.

“Gallo” Estrada hit Gonzalez in the face, though with his greatest damage by hooks to the soft areas, with minimal but force. A scream fight, now they can both go.

In the last quarter of the fight, the Mexican took advantage of a very close fight, with his relentless onslaught up and down, without slowing down, with very little rhythm, against Nicaraguan, who seemed to find it more difficult to defend and understand the defense enemy.

The two close up as soon as the last episode begins, throwing all of their weapons and into the epilogue of a real battle over the strings.

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One of the top 12 rounds seen in good times, never stops until the last bell rings.

“I have to do a mandatory defense, but after today’s fight, I’m ready to reconsider ‘Chocolateito’ anytime,” Estrada said.