December 7, 2022

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With tears in his eyes, Galileo Montijo bids farewell to his father today; Cancel the wedding anniversary

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In the last hours of Thursday, August 5, the important death of Gustavo Montijo Thalamandez, the father of the famous TV presenter, was announced. Galileo Montejo, Who confirmed the unfortunate news a few minutes ago.

In the first minutes of the Hi show, the TV star shed tears confirming that his father was another victim of the new Govt-19 corona virus, for which he expressed solidarity with all the people he lived with or lived through a difficult time due to the epidemic.

what did he tell?

In the “Breakfast and Gossip” section, Galileo Montejo He said he spoke and shed tears immediately after confirming that his father, Gustavo Montijo, had lost his life after spending several days in hospital for complications from Govt-19.

According to her style, the model also admitted to having some memories of her childhood with her father, but there is no reason not to regret it. In addition, he recalled being forced to walk away from him.

“My father was in the hospital for 10 days and he died of Covit-19. He was vaccinated twice. Soon I will be with my family,” the successful presenter reiterated.

I will be celebrating my tenth anniversary

Galileo Montejo He admitted that his father died on the same day he was celebrating his tenth wedding anniversary with the businessman and politician. Fernando Raina She thanked him for supporting her in such a difficult moment.

Hi the star presenter of the show pointed out that she was planning a big celebration with her husband who had to wait for her father’s unfortunate death, which happened a few days ago.

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Why did he leave?

After learning that Galileo Montejo had another family with his father, he recalled that she had not been close to him for some years. Even though her mother gave her another chance, she did not accept it.

Apparently the distance had already occurred in the distant 2011. The driver sent a message of condolence to his twin siblings, whom he will meet in the next few days.