December 10, 2022

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With a narrow misalignment, Janet Garcia shows her buttocks

The Former weather girl Yanet Garcia wrapped himself in a distinctive outfit of the famous band RBD and invited his followers to the concert of his concert tomorrow because they will show it from the stars channel.

That’s right, presenter Telanovela is “rebellious” or “R.D.P.“She wore her unique figure in a very short skirt.

With the main theme of the soap opera as the musical background, the Montreux woman posed for the camera on her back, twisting her torso to look mischievous and revealing her buttocks a little more as the skirt moved.

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Except, The Sikka Exercise She wore the character of a blonde woman in a soap opera with her hair completely straight and a red star on her forehead.

It is noteworthy that she wore a regular RPD uniform and a short skirt similar to the one used by Mia Colossi, however, there is a relief underneath the mesh fabric, which elevates the plane of the dress a little more.

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On the other hand, her long black boots and the hem of her skirt brought attention to her immense beauty, which was highly acclaimed on Mexican television.

Further Actress He used these incredible qualities to hypnotize all the Netizens who watched his video.

Yes I am a rebel !!!! Don’t miss the ர்canalestrellas All Sir O Fareser concert on Sunday, March 28 at 7:00 pm, ”Janette wrote in a video release.

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It is worth noting that the concert will take place next Sunday, March 28 at 7:00 pm through the “Canal de los Estrellas”.

As expected, the video, which was shared yesterday, has so far crossed 700 million views and 700 comments, and its millions of followers do not hesitate to praise the beautiful woman.

That little skirt killer ”,“ Mia is a thousand times better than Colossae ”,“ I teach her with that rebel ”,“ Perfection turned into a woman: Janet Garcia ”, some of the many comments.

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Yesterday, Janet Garcia was able to scam social networks after sharing an attractive photo in which she posed with a set l3nc3ría in which transparency and the mail she returned stole the light.

This caused a stir as a model and former presenter of the ‘Hoi’ project through his official Instagram account, and, considering the view he has from his window, he fell in love with more than 13.6 million again. Followers, before whom he wore a white lace physique, a dress that thanks to the imagination for its transparency.

With a cup of coffee and a pose, he showed off his curved curves, and the Montreal-born woman greeted her loyal fans in the morning, who in a few hours reacted with more than 560 thousand red hearts.

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It is worth noting that this snapshot was part of a photo session held a few days ago in the lens of the famous photographer Diego Alanis, where he modeled a pink anatomy and showed one of his most provocative angles.

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In fact a few days ago, The Fitness trainer Next to the author of these photos he wasted s3nsual1dad and charm, he became the envy of millions of fans.

On this occasion, he was seen with a red t @ ngu1ta, while at the same time admitting how good he had been with someone he considered his friend.