May 22, 2022

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Winners and losers on the second day

The running backs found favorable conditions, while Baltimore gained first-round prowess while the quarterbacks fell to the third round.

The second day Draft 2022 Came to an end with Second and third rounds Drawin.

After 73 shifts in a day, this is the best time to evaluate who is who Second day winners and losers.

Undoubtedly, the biggest winners of the day Baltimore RavensIdentified first-round talent and potential instant starters and strengthened their list going forward.

After his solid first-round work with Notre Dame defender Kyle Hamilton and Iowa center Tyler Linderbaum, Baltimore Improved security with external linebacker David OjaboFrom Michigan, in second round and defensive tackle Travis Jones In third place is from UConn.

According to Scouts Inc., Ojapo Is the highest rated outdoor linebacker in the draft Baltimore On the second day shift number 13, at the same time Jones He was considered the third best defensive player available in the draft.

The second round represented victory RacersWho saw three chances come out before the second quarter came.

Breeze Hall Arriving New York Jets Where there is no clear title in the position, Ken Walker III Strengthen some who need it Seattle Seahawks Y James Cook Has the function of igniting a backsplash without a spark Buffalo Bills.

All three are designed to be instant starters for their new teams.

But this is not all good news, there are those who lost with three players who turned out to be talented candidates in the first round and had to wait until the third round to hear their names.

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First, the Cincinnati Quarterback, Desmond RiderReached Atlanta Falcons In the tenth turn of the third round, Malik Willis Liberty fell until the 22nd Tennessee Titans And this Carolina Panthers They saved Matt Corel Level number. Miss Ole at 30.

Before the draft, at least that was expected Rider and Willis They will be lurking even in the first round Corel He was considered in the worst possible first-round downstairs or second-round up-round opportunity, although everyone was in their seats longer than expected.

The only quarterback selected in the first round was Pittsburgh’s Kenny Pickett, who finished 20th overall with the Steelers.