November 28, 2022

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William Shatner says that Prince William did not understand space travel

Landers (CNN Business) – William Shatner fired a rhetorical rocket at Prince William after the future king criticized space travel.

Shatner, who went into space earlier this week on a rocket from Amazon (AMZN) founder Jeff Bezos, said British royalty had a “wrong idea” in saying that solving problems on Earth should be a priority.

“He’s a handsome, kind and decent man, but he has the wrong idea,” Shatner said in an interview with Entertainment tonight. “The idea here is not to say, ‘Yes, look at me. I’m in space,'” Shatner added, referring to “small steps” to transmit travel-polluting businesses like him into space.

Prince William invites Kasturi and Bezos to save the earth 2:22

The 90-year-old “Star Trek” actor said he could build a power plant 400 kilometers above the earth and use the electricity for homes and businesses here. “The prince does not understand,” he added.

“It takes everything … rich like Jeff Bezos [que diga]: ‘Let’s go there’ “

Without naming names, William focused on space tourism in an interview with the BBC on Thursday, saying they need to spend more time and money to save the Earth. Bezos, SpaceX boss Elon Musk and Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson take tourists into space.

“We need the best brains and minds in the world to focus on trying to fix this planet, not trying to find the next place to go live,” Prince said.

He declared that he was “absolutely not interested” in going into second space in the line of the British throne. He also expressed concern about the environmental impact of space tourism, saying there is a “fundamental question” about the carbon cost of space travel.

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Almost in tears, William Shatner described his journey into space 8:09

Shatner was the oldest person to go into space when a sorbitol space travel rocket, built by Blue Origin, removed his ship from the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere and pushed it to a weightless state. Shatner described the reward for floating above the earth as “deep.”

He said space travel is not something a person can understand.

“In our view, space is full of mystery … but at that moment, it was darkness and death. At this moment here, as we look down, [la Tierra] It is life and nutrition. This is what everyone needs to know, “Shatner told CNN after his flight.