August 16, 2022

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Why is FIFA suspension still alive despite normalization commission’s “interference”?

Salvadoran football continues the countdown to 4:00 a.m. this Monday, the deadline FIFA gave INDES to withdraw its facefoot normalization commission.

Saturday’s main news about Normalization of Commission imposed by INDES In the Salvadoran Football Federation it “interrupted operations” and removed facefoot facilities; However, basically, the suspension (by precautionary measure) of the Court of Sports Discipline, Ethics and Appeal (TDEA) is still in place for the federation’s executive committee.

However, without recommending in a statement published on their networks, Revoking the injunction of the court, It is not yet clear whether the “interference” will be enough for FIFA, as he wrote to Fesfut on Wednesday 20 “if the normalization committee implemented by INDES’s Executive Committee is not withdrawn, before Monday, July 25, 2022 at 12:00 noon (from Switzerland, L from Salvador at 4:00 a.m.), the matter will immediately be submitted to the FIFA Council Bureau.”

What path should Salvadoran football take now to deal with the crisis?

A few hours later there was an interruption of operations First and Third Division, plus ADFAS, the Players and Coaches Association They heard it in a joint meeting at Facefoot, and separately on Friday, Primera and the players raised the two measures separately.

The only thing that didn’t come The second divisionIn a statement signed by the board of that league, I ask that the executive committee members be reinstated and that they draw up a normal football congress with them, and that the sufficiency of federal laws with the general sports law be developed. Fesfut country again has a Ministry of Law.

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However, late in the night, Municipal, AD Municipal, Vendaval, Atlético Balboa, Tobiltsin, Ilopango FC, Marte Soyabango, Pibil and Corindo FC collectively released their position. There they expressed their differences For the first report, as well as being satisfied with the Commission’s suspension, I request that FIFA establish a solution to the problems of national football.

Lucas Labbad, head of the normalization commission imposed by INDES on Fesfut. Photo by HRE/ Jorge Reyes

Still not enough

Another point put into perspective by a lawyer specializing in sports law, Emma Alvarez, He explained on his Twitter account that the problem may not even lie with the Standardization Authority, but in its attempt to comply with FaceFoot’s rules and the General Sports Act, which is why the TDEA ended the precautionary measure.

“The real problem is not the commission imposed by INDES, but the FESFUT STATUTES, as linking them to general sports law contradicts FIFA. If INDES insists on dual jurisdiction like TDEAD, it is an impossible task. Therefore, withdrawing the INDES commission is prolonging a dead man’s agony,” the lawyer said on Twitter.

“Even with the proposal of Congress, FIFA is not going to agree to change the laws for FESFUT, if these violate its principles, preparing the proposal of new laws for FESFUT is not a copy page as other confederations have done. Here they will need the legal approval of the FIFA Law Commission, until it is, it can be submitted to the vote of Congress. ,” he added.

Round: Practically, Fesfut’s Executive Committee is still suspendedDespite the lack of operational activity of the INDES normalization commission, the only active member of the group is Walter Garabantes López, who attended the meeting of the confederation members on Saturday, but because it is unable to make large-scale decisions.

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Will interference be enough to avoid FIFA sanction? We will probably get the answer this week.

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