December 1, 2022

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Who is Christian Emmanuel Sanon, identified as the mastermind behind the massacre in Haiti? International | News

Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, arrested in Haiti on suspicion of masterminding the assassination of President Joanel Moiz.


Haitian-American Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, arrested in Haiti on suspicion of masterminding the assassination of President Jovnell Moyes, A little-known figure in South Florida, but had political aspirations in his home country for at least a decade.

Local media reported that Sanon released several videos on YouTube in 2011 in which he presented himself as the leader. Haiti The country’s uranium, oil and other resources could be manipulated to improve the economy and well-being due to corruption and mismanagement.

That and some biographical information, including that he was born in Marikot (southeastern Haiti) He lives in Brandon, near Tampa (West Florida) and is the head of the organization Haiti Rome. Not much is known about this most difficult part of the massacre in Haiti.

Three politicians are vying for power in Haiti after police warned they would block protests

The Miami Herald, which investigated Moyes’ murder in South Florida, called himself a doctor but said there was no record in public records that Sanon was licensed to practice medicine in the state.

According to a version released by Haitian police this Sunday, Sanon arrived in the country in June on a private plane for “political purposes” and ended up with President Moisin’s on July 7 with mercenaries hired at a security firm in Doral (Miami-Tate).

Neither Sano nor CDU, directed by Venezuela Antonio Indriaco, is known much in South Florida.

‘I got a job on the Internet’ says one of the suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovnell Moyes

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Prior to Sanon’s arrest in Haiti, Colombian sister Jenny Capador, who died in police action after the assassination, told her country’s media that her brother was an honest man who had been hired as a bodyguard for important people in the Dominican Republic.

Security Company

Efe failed to contact the person in charge of the company, who was allegedly murdered by other relatives in Colombia. Similarly, two Haitian-Americans have been arrested for the same reason.

The CTU Security website refers to a security equipment retailer that provides security services to individuals and companies. From companies to schools, private investigation and dog training.

As a declaration of intent, CTU Security It opens its portal with the phrases “Black Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter”, which refers to the movement against racism and violence against African Americans in the United States, formerly concerned with the lives of police officers, and secondly.

“America’s biggest challenge has long been to bring people from different backgrounds to the same nation as justice and opportunity. It’s time to listen and respond,” he says.

From photos of Indriako on his social networks and some of his comments, it is known that he is anti-Nicolas Maduro government and has publicly protested against the “dictatorship”.

About 17 former Colombian soldiers are among the 28 people involved in the assassination of Haitian President Juan Jolie

So far, Haitian authorities have detained 21 people allegedly involved in the attack on Mois’ house, including three suspects, including Sanon, who is said to be the mastermind, and five adults who were shot dead by police.

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Widow recovers in Florida

Authorities have not yet clarified the sequence of events on the night of the murder and the alleged motives for the crime, which is now living in the United States and is accused of being an unknown doctor in the Haitian political field.

Martin, the widow of Moisin, was shot dead in a mercenary attack At the family home near Port-au-Prince, he is hospitalized in Miami.

Florida is home to the largest number of Haitian immigrants to the United States, followed by New York. (I)