December 10, 2022

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‘Which is better for Albiceleste in Copa America: Facing Ecuador or Colombia?’, Argentina Press Debate | Football | Sports

The team led by Leo Messi is determined to close Group A surprises as they wait for the quarterfinals.

Channel Monday morning programming Dyke Sports It’s time for Argentina to play against Bolivia in the Copa Am அமெரிக்காrica 2021 quarterfinals.

What is appropriate for Argentina in the Copa America: Face Ecuador or Colombia, while team members discuss the set, suggesting that Gustavo Albaro’s triangle is a “more dangerous” rival than Reynolds Ruda’s triangle.

Without units, Bolivia leads Group A with 7 points, followed by Paraguay with 6 points, Chile with 5 points and Uruguay with 4 points.

Bolivia have already been knocked out of the Copa America, while Argentina qualified two days before the quarterfinals.

The last day of the bracket saw the Paraguayans and Uruguayans already being categorized for the next round, but with uncertainty as to which position they would finish in, the key factor was to clarify the course of the tournament taking place in Brazil.

With Argentina falling to Bolivia, victory could have left Uruguay the leader, which is not possible on paper.

In that sense, in the package Dyke Sports The matches played today in Brazil against Colombia (2-1) and Ecuador (1-1) are analyzed.

“Ecuador showed its weapons against Brazil”, cites one of the team members.

“I think Argentina is not going to happen (what happened to Brazil in the process of the goal scored by Angel Mena),” said another, referring to Vertimarela’s defensive distraction.

Follow Enner Valencia and Moises Gaiseto

In the same order, the sports newspaper Ole The quarterfinals indicate that “Ecuador, a potential rival to Argentina” is suffering from injuries.

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The Buenos Aires newspaper describes midfielder Moises Guizeto and striker Enrique Valencia as “basic players in Albero’s selection”, unable to finish Sunday’s game against Brazil and is in doubt for the quarterfinals.

“One is the most important part of the Ecuadorian team. The other is the captain and captain of the team that was guaranteed a place in the next round of Copa America after drawing with Brazil in Guinea. Ole.

Keizeto had to convert 15 minutes in the second half. English Brighton player Douglas Lewis has been diagnosed with a disease of the left leg in a collision. The footballer had to seek medical help as a result of the blow in the fall. They decided to remove him as gestures of pain revealed that he was not in a position to continue playing.

For his part, Valencia suffered an abnormality in his left thigh, and this Monday he was scheduled to have tests done on the affected area. (D)