November 28, 2022

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Where does the sheriff who surprised Real Madrid play?

(CNN Espanol) – A “sheriff,” some media reported. “Historical Surprise”, et al. “Shot”, they headlined in the Catalan newspaper. The powerful Real Madrid defeated the 1-2 sheriff at home in the Champions League, which is unknown to much of the football world and reflects Real Madrid’s opposition to European football, although it dominates local competitions.

Surprising success in Madrid

Sheriff took the lead in the 25th minute when Jazur Yakshibev scored.

Karim Benzema took a penalty after 65 minutes (becoming the first player to score in 17 consecutive Champions League seasons, when he knocked down the score The fourth all-time scorer of that tournament.

But Sebastian Dil silenced everyone in the 90th minute, scoring the winning goal, with the help of Adama Troy (not to be confused with the Spaniard of the same name who plays for Wolverhampton).

Yakshiev Uzbek and Dil Luxembourg, two countries with the lowest football weight.

Where does the sheriff come from?

The Sheriff is a group from Traspole, the second largest city within the official borders of Moldova (a landlocked Eastern European country, between Romania and Ukraine) but in a disputed territory: the city is in Transnistria, a state Not recognized by any sovereign nation.

Note, it is slightly larger than Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States.

In 1990, following a two-year war following the fall of the Soviet Union with Russian support, Transnistria declared its independence from the former Soviet republic of Moldova. They never recognized them as an independent nation.

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This is a young team: it was officially founded in 1997, As stated on its website. He plays in the Moldovan National League (National Division) and is currently third on the table.

He is the current champion of the national division and The team with the most championships: 19. There are six topics in a row.

It is present Six of its employees are Latin Americans: Colombians Danilo Arboleda and Frank Costacida (captain), Brazilians Cristiano, Fernando and Bruno and Peru Gustavo Tulando.

The technical director is Ukrainian Yuri Vernitup, who lifted the trophies last season with Shakhtar Solikorsk and the sheriff in Belarus.

This is the first time the Sheriff has qualified for the group stage of the Champions League (the first Moldovan team to do so).

The main supporter names the team: Sheriff A Transnistrian Corporation consists of companies in various economic sectors.

Comparison with Real Madrid

In contrast, Real Madrid are the most headline-grabbing team in Europe, having a millionaire redesign of its historic arena (a year and seven months later the Mereng team returned to the venue in the Champions League this Tuesday, and with fans there after epidemic controls) and now The seventh most valuable team in the world, Market value 793.5 million euros, approximately US $ 926 million, According to Transformer data. It features the world’s most valuable players such as Casimiro, David Alaba, Eden Hazard, Benzema, Vinicius Jr., Federico Valverde, Thibaut Courtois and Eduardo Camavinga. Its technical director is Carlo Ancelotti, a two-time Champions League winner with Milan (twice) and Real Madrid and a local multi-champion in many countries.

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