December 7, 2022

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WhatsApp boss accuses Apple of “scanning users’ photos”: “pushback for privacy around the world”


9 ago 2021 11:55 GMT

Gatgard said people have had computers for decades, but “there is no such thing as a command to scan personal content.”

Will Gatkard, president of WhatsApp, was “concerned” by Apple’s plan to scan photos of all iPhone users as part of the fight against child sexual abuse. The initiative has already received a lot of criticism from various activists.

“It simply came to our notice then Wrong attitude and regression for privacy People all over the world. People asked if we would accept this method for WhatsApp. no answer “”, Wrote On his Twitter account last Friday.

In this context, Godgard noted that sexual abuse-related products related to children and abusers were “disgusting,” and pointed out that WhatsApp had “reported more than 400,000 cases” to the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Its abbreviation in English), thanks to “appropriate measures” such as facilitating the process of reporting prohibited content.

In the meantime, Apple’s focus “Introduces something that is of great concern to the worldInstead of focusing on making it easier for people to report content shared with them, Apple has developed ‘software’ that can scan all the personal photos on your phone: not even the photos you share with anyone. This is not privacy, “he said.

Gatgard insisted that people have had computers for decades, but “there is no such thing as a command to scan personal content.” “This is not how technology developed in free countries works“, Wrote.

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He described Apple as “a monitoring system created and operated” that has the ability to scan content to search for everything that the company or executives want to target its control and confirms that many countries are different about “acceptable” ideas. In addition, he asked how the system would be protected from bugs and “what happens when spyware companies find a way to use this ‘software’.” .

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