December 7, 2022

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What's real and fake about Elizabeth Holmes

What’s real and fake about Elizabeth Holmes

In the series, Walgreens executives ask a man named Kevin Hunter to scope out the Theranos Lab to make sure things are on a par before they sign any deal with the company. In one scene, Hunter examines some of the Theranos literature, and reads, “Theranos has been thoroughly validated for the past seven years by the majority of the largest pharmaceutical companies.” This is part of reality and fiction.

Rich Somer in “The Dropout.”


At Holmes’ trial, jurors saw a 2010 presentation that was shown to him Walgreens Chief Financial Officer Wade Miquelon. Similar to the presentation, it read, “Theranos systems have been comprehensively validated over the past seven years by ten of the fifteen largest pharmaceutical companies.”

In fact, many investors and partners believe that Theranos technology has been validated by major pharmaceutical companies, although this has not been the case. This is partly due to the fact that Holmes put the logos of industry giants Pfizer and Schering-Plow on their validation reports.

At her trial, Holmes Witness That she slapped her on the logos because “this work was done in partnership with those companies and I’ve been trying to convey that,” according to NPR.

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