December 7, 2022

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What will be Mexico’s best and worst situation in the World Cup draw?

Mexico will know its fate in the draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, here we present its best and worst situation.

Mexico Know his way this Friday Qatar World Cup 2022This is because the draw for the tournament will take place and each of the 29 teams already classified in the 32 will know the match they have to draw to win the World Championship.

However, with four pots with eight teams each, the road did not seem so easy ESPN Based on the FIFA rankings, we undertook the task of training the best and worst possible conditions for the tricolor at the World Cup.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; A maximum of two can be combined in a single section in a group.

The pots are divided as follows, with host country Qatar joining the top seven in the top seven.

Countries ranked 8th to 15th appear in pot 2; Those ranked in Levels 16 to 23 and Levels 24 to 28 will be in Level 4 and will emerge among the winners of the intercontinental qualifiers, with three assignments to be defined. Winner of the last UEFA tie.

With this in mind, we offer you the best and worst possible scenario Mexican team In the draw Qatar World Cup 2022 Will take place next Friday.

Excellent display




New Zealand

At this stage, MexicoBeing part of the Pot Do and Concacaf division cannot be measured against any team like the United States (which also shares the pot with him), as well as Canada, which is part of the Pot III.

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So, from one of the pots, the most inexpensive choice Qatar, Who automatically takes first place in that field as hosts. At the World Cup, the Qataris will take to the field and try to elevate their country’s pride. QatarBeing part of the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) fills the gap from this area to three or four for another choice.

Then, Mexico When it is followed, it will be second in the group Tunisia, Who is the worst choice in the FIFA rankings of Pod 3. The Tunisians were able to enter the zone due to Canada’s defeat to Panama in Concacaf, while they beat Mali 1-0 in the final.

Finally, the main pot is in the fourth, where the best case would be New Zealand On behalf of the OFC (Oceania Football Federation), until they beat Costa Rica in a playoff match between the continents. The New Zealand players will take the last place in that field.

Bad situation





A very complex, harmful group Mexico The captain of the series will be the best team in the FIFA rankings for March 31. Brazil Will lead the team to the best in the world for the draw.

The rivalry between the two teams at the World Cups is remarkable because they always offer the best matches, despite the South Americans having the results in their favor, despite having flown the tricolor on previous occasions. In addition, they have a team of stars commanded by Neymar Jr.

Then, Mexico Comes in second and is awarded third place SenegalIt is one of the best teams in the world and the recent champion of the African Nations Cup with Sadio Mane.

‘Lyons de Tharanga’ are the third best team in the FIFA rankings, and besides Mane they have the experience of players from Napoli, such as the best teams in Europe, Kalido Coulibaly; Idrissa Cue from Chelsea’s Edward Mendy or PSG.

Finally, the worst option is to close a more complex situation Mexico Would be the choice of WelshHe will enter after winning the UEFA playoffs and earn his place in the World Cup.

Welsh are in the top 20 of the best teams in the world, but when they entered the playoffs, they automatically went into the top four for the rankings. Their squads include their captain and star Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsay and Daniel James, who play for the Rangers in Scotland and Leeds United in England.