December 1, 2022

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What was football like when ‘Duga’ Ferretti came to Tigris?

The coach is close to completing his third phase as captain of the university team that has become one of the most winning teams in Mexico

Story Duga Ferretti As a technician Tigers This Close to reaching its end After 11 years of team leadership, it has become one of the most important clubs in Mexico in the last decade, reaching seven titles. Liga M.X. – Five of them Ferretti Before – and his first international championship CONCACAF Champions League.

for many years Ferretti He made his name in the history books of the Montreal team, before and after the arrival of the Brazilian Hellman in this company.

So, in ESPN Digital We remind you of what was the panorama that lived in football nationally and internationally when it came Duga Ferretti For his third term as captain of the San Nicholas team in 2010.

The most important competition Tigers Against a team called Monterrey that they have looked at with suspicion for years because of the titles they have won over the past two decades.

When that UANL Adding two championships, the Riotos won their fourth title Liga M.X. They were preparing to make their name internationally CONCACAF Champions League.

29 years of drought Tigers

The Montreal team has been a team with capital due to the support of Simex, but it did not achieve the results they wanted at the game level, and since their return to the top round they suffered two painful defeats in the finals against Pacquiao, their drought lasting nearly three decades.

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At the time Ricardo Ferretti Came to his position as a strategist Tigers, Chivas dominated Mexican football, had 11 league titles at the time, and their rivalry against the United States increased as the Copa team added 10 home titles.

The Mexican coach, who was ruled out of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, had to become a try “firefighter” again. ‘Vasco’ returns to national team Leader of the Exam.

The foam-rising name Javier ‘Ciccarito’ Hernandez in Mexico gave something to talk about with his performance with Sivas between 2009 and 2010, which led to his signing with Manchester United before running the World Cup. In addition, he added his first and only scoring title in the first category.

Lionel Messi won the second Ballon d’Or

The Argentine star was getting ready to surprise The world Capturing his second Ballon d’Or, he begins to mark a match with Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who won his first FIFA title in 2008 and surpassed the South American forward.

The national team, led by current Euro champion Vicente del Bosque, reached the World Cup as the main candidate to win the title, despite not winning the Confederations Cup a year ago. Despite this, La Roja’s golden generation prevailed on the court and won its first world championship.

Barcelona love Tiki-Dhaka

Pep Guardiola was considered one of the coaches who revolutionized football with the style of play that led to the glory of Barcelona, ​​during which year Cule’s team had already reached a Champions League. Cardiola perfected the platforms fitted to the Johann Groof Club in the early 90s, and in his sporting style he created nine and a half.

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The French striker played for Toulouse in Ligue 1 and was preparing to be one of France ‘s invitees to the World Cup, where he would lose. Mexico At the group stage. The pioneer had no idea what Aztec football was, and he knew nothing about it Tigers, Many years later he became the historic scorer of a team club he joined.

Over the past two years, names like the Frenchman Kylian Mbabane and Norway’s Earling Holland have begun to emerge, giving this edition of the Champions League something to talk about due to their excellent scoring performance, however, today’s figures for the spring of 2010 were far from imagining the impact they would make.

Mbappé was just 12 years old at the time Ferretti Come Tigers, Holland was 9 years old when he was in elementary school.