June 30, 2022

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What is the Mexican Mafia, gang of Gonzalo López prisoner shot dead in Texas | News Univision United States

According to Texas prison officials, the man was a One of the most violent at the Gatesville Correctional Center. He was sentenced to two life terms in 2016 for murder and attempted murder.

When Lopez escaped, he was transferred to a special cage from which he removed his controls, stabbed the driver and escaped on the bus. He fled for three weeks, and when he escaped he stole a truck from a house, killing five people.

Authorities considered him a “very dangerous person.” “Someone the public can’t deal with on their own”, Texas Criminal Justice Department spokesman Robert Hurst promised weeks ago. That’s why after he escaped, he was added to the list of 10 most wanted fugitives in the state.

What is the Mexican Mafia and why is it so dangerous?

Born in 1957 in a Los Angeles prison, this criminal gang, also known as ‘La Eme’, is considered. “Old and powerful” in American prisons.

It was mostly made up of people of Mexican descent. According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), this is a “gang of thugs.” Controls and leads other Hispanic criminal gangs operating in Southern CaliforniaWithin the penal system of that state and And in Texas.

According to the DOJ, members have divided into different areas to control crime and demand “taxes” on traffic narcotics from other gangs.

In addition to this extensive collection of “taxes”, it was accused of being the Mexican Mafia Directly involved in drug distribution Inside and outside prisons and jails.

‘La Eme’ does not have a leader and many of its members have the ability to order assassinations and commit other crimes. Rated as some 1,000 people have the ability to control the company.

Lopez was involved in the murder of 5 people

Police in Leon County, Texas, announced Lopez’s death Thursday night in connection with the killing of five people when he escaped.

He was shot dead by police in Jordan, Texas, about 50 minutes south of San Antonio, in which no officers were injured.

Authorities said 5 bodies were found. The four minors and their grandfather live in a house in the area where they are wanted To the escaped prisoner, in the centerville area.

Jason Clark, head of the Texas Criminal Justice Department, told the media that the home was the second home of a family in Houston and that it had been checked on several occasions.

Police said the suspect continued to use the vehicle in the house to escape. For their capture Officials have set a reward of $ 50,000.