July 6, 2022

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What is monkey pox: first case in US | Univision Health News

This Wednesday, a patient was diagnosed with monkey pox in Massachusetts, the first case of the rare virus in the United States this year.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), the patient was an adult male who had recently moved to Canada. The department completed the initial examination on Tuesday and was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This happens when new cases are confirmed in Europe. For example, Portuguese health officials confirmed Wednesday Five monkey cases Among the youth, it marks an extraordinary eruption in Europe A disease is generally found only in Africa.

The Portugal Directorate of Public Health That said They investigated 15 suspicious cases In the surrounding area Capital, Lisbon.

All cases in Portugal involved men, most of whom were youths, officials said.

The MDPH said in a statement that the case, which was discovered in Massachusetts by U.S. public health officials, “did not represent any danger to the general public and that the individual was admitted to hospital and is in good condition.” They “work closely,” he said. CDC, relevant local health boards and patient health care providers to identify those who come in contact with patients when they are infected. “

To The skin is reported to be sore and in a stable condition. Officials did not say whether the men had a history of traveling to Africa.

Before the Portuguese, UK authorities report Four monkey flu victims have been identified this week Spread among homosexuals and bisexual men in London.

What is monkey disease?

The disease belongs to the family of viruses, including smallpox and measles. Most people recover from monkey flu in weeks.

Usually the monkey It causes fever, cold, rash and sores on the face or genitals such as enlargement. The adult measles vaccine has been approved for the monkey box, and many antiviral drugs seem to be effective.

How is monkey pox spread?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the monkey box virus is spread when a person comes in contact with an animal, human or contaminated material.

The virus enters the body through broken skin (although it is not known), Respiratory tract or mucous membranes (eyes, nose or mouth).

Animal-human transmission can be caused by bite or scratch, bushmeat, direct contact with body fluids, or indirect contact with contaminated bedding.

It is believed to be an exchange It is caused primarily by large respiratory drops from person to person.

World Health Organization (WHO) Deputy Director General of Emergency Response Dr. Ibrahim Sauce Fall said there was a need to investigate. Monkey pox is spreading in the UK.

Health officials said the fall In general we need to have a better understanding of how monkey disease is spread. Even in local countries. Experts yet They say there are “a lot of unknowns in terms of transmission dynamics”.

Is monkeypox sexually transmitted?

Soce Fall said it was important to understand How the disease is transmitted to men who have sex with other men.

Among the people, The disease is spread when there is close contact with wounds, body fluids, and respiratory droplets Or contaminated materials such as sheets.

Some British experts disagree with the conclusion that the monkey box was spread through sexual contact.

“Recent cases suggest an innovative diffusion mechanism” Neil Mabot, a pathologist at the University of Edinburgh, said the virus was known to be transmitted through sexual contact.

Keith Neil, an epidemiologist at the University of Nottingham, however, said it could spread Not caused by sexual activity, but only by “intimate contact with sexual intercourse.”

Soce Fall said more than 6,000 cases were reported in the Congo last year and about 3,000 in Nigeria.