December 7, 2022

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What do we know about the agent Kim Potter who killed him

(CNN) – The murder of a 20-year-old black man Dont Wright A white police officer on the outskirts of Minneapolis has sparked protests and clashes with law enforcement.

Police say Dante Wright was shot by officer Kim Potter during a routine traffic stop in the center of Brooklyn, a Minnesota suburb of Minneapolis.

The shootings and demonstrations took place about 10 miles from the Minneapolis courtroom, where former police officer Derek Zhou is under investigation for the death of George Floyd last year.

The death of at least one black man on Sunday during a police meeting in the Minneapolis area over the past five years follows the 2016 shooting death of Planto Castile in the Falcon Heights and the death of George Floyd in May last year in Minneapolis.

Here is what we know about Police Officer Kim Potter.

Agent Kim Potter resigned after the assassination.

Former boss: Donte Wright shooting was accidental

City Police Chief Tim Cannon, who resigned Tuesday, said part of the body camera footage released Monday believed the shooting was accidental and that the officer’s actions before the shooting were in line with the department’s training in the use of electronic guns.

“The officer intended to stabilize his taser, but instead shot Mr. Wright with a bullet,” Cannon said. The dangerous shooting appeared to be an “accidental evacuation”.

Kim Potter is a 26-year-old police officer

Kim Potter, 48, has been with the Brooklyn Central Police Department for 26 years, according to the Minnesota Criminal Learning Bureau (PCA). He joined the industry in 1995, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper.

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He served as president of the Police Association in 2019, was on the department’s bargaining board and served as a field training agent, the Star Tribune reported.

He was placed on administrative leave after Sunday’s shooting.

The PCA said additional staff information during the investigation into the shooting was not public under state law.

A district attorney’s report says this is not the first time Kim Potter has handled a case in which a police officer was shot. In 2019, a man who threatened his grandfather with a knife and hammer was shot dead by local police. The report said that the use of deadly force by the police in the incident was legally declared.

In accordance with Brooklyn Central Police Department policies, Potter, who was not present at the time of the shooting, instructed the two officers involved to board different police vehicles, turn off body cameras, and not talk to each other. They.

No charges have been filed against Potter in that case.

Protests erupt over Dante Wright’s death 1:14

Submitted the resignation letter

Brooklyn Central Mayor Mike Elliott told CNN on Tuesday that Kim Potter had submitted his resignation letter from Brooklyn Central Police.

In a letter to Elliott, Acting City Manager Reggie Edwards and then-Chief of Police Cannon, Potter wrote that he “loved every minute of being a police officer and would serve this community to the best of his ability.”

Elliott said Tuesday that Cannon had also resigned.

The mayor said Commander Tony Chronic will be acting chairman.

Elliott said police decided to resign him from the police force.

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We did not ask him to resign. That was his decision, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

At an Elliott press conference on Tuesday, those in the room expressed concern that Potter would resign and not be fired. The mayor said he “did not accept his resignation” and that his office was continuing to consider the matter.

“We follow our internal process to ensure that we are responsible for the actions we take,” Elliott told reporters.

Potter’s attorney also represents an agent in the Floyd case.

Washington County attorney Pete Orbud told CNN that he hopes the indictment in the case of the shooting death of Dante Wright in connection with Kim Potter will be decided by Wednesday.

Earl Gray, a St. Paul-based lawyer, told CNN that he represented Potter.

Gray is also the lawyer for Thomas Lane, one of four officers involved in the death of Floyd, who is facing criminal charges. Former St. Anthony of Minnesota was also the defense attorney for Minnesota Police Officer Geronimo Yes, who was not convicted of second-degree murder in the case of the shooting of Castile.

Gray said he had no opinion on Monday night and Sunday shooting.