September 29, 2022

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What are Juan Rhinoceros’ new goals?

We present the strategic challenges after breaking the drought of machine titles in Mexican football

Juan Rhino Cruz won the Liga MX title with Azul By doing so he broke the 23-year drought for the cement group. The Peruvian strategist is clear about his immediate future with the club and wants to “create a vintage team” for which he must begin to work to strengthen and meet all the requirements to achieve his goal.

Rhinoso achieved an automatic renewal with the Sky team by receiving La Maguina’s ninth star, which is a feature that will give him the peace of mind to continue working, as the board of directors is more than happy with his performance and within the club they will be looking to offer him a contract beyond 2021.

With the rhinoceros wanting to stay on the cruise for a long time, We present new challenges for the coach after winning the championship at ESPN Digital:

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The South American coach was clear at the championship press conference that he wants to keep the majority of the winning team, which means extending contracts for key areas such as leadership Crown of Jesus, Pablo Aguilar, Adrian Ultrate As well as review cases Elijah Hernandez Y Jose ‘Shaggy’ Martinez.

Is Rivero going or staying?

Another situation that the team should look into is seeking a loan renewal with Solos Ignacio Rivero, Who took the center stage with a sketch of the capital, they might have a chance to receive the letter; Communicating with the border group is its cost.

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Strengthening the Core Force

This is one of the biggest downsides to La Machine in recent years, as there are some elements to the club’s success leaving its low variants, the last case Santiago Kimines, Was able to advance to the maximum round at the age of 20, but did not win the title on the first team and has a percentage of opponents.

“I’m glad the bowlers stand out among the kids, I told them jokingly, but more seriously, they ‘re going to make me a champion in a few years. That’s what I experienced in Melbourne, we have to search for that,” Juan Rhinoso told the media.

Common sign

The strategist pointed to this point, noting how the team has suffered in several finals over the past two decades, and in the process losing a company and its identity among players.

To this end, Hellman tries to take pride in the shirt he wears and the company he protects.

A center here

This is the main position in which the rhinoceros player looks, as his central defense is played by Pablo Aguilar and ‘Ketta’ Tomanzuez. The first is 34 years old and the second captain of La Maguina is 33 years old.

In this regard, the board is looking for a footballer who can not only fight for a position at the age of 11, but can also be a strong choice for the future of the team.

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