November 30, 2022

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“We’re Paying Fools”


During the last CAN, in January and February, Napoli lost several players from their first team, namely Senegalese defender Kalidou Koulibaly, who left for Chelsea this summer, and their Cameroonian midfielder Frank Zambo-Anguiza.

One of the Italian club’s stars who qualified for the Champions League, another African international, Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen, missed the CAN due to injury.

La Liga has a millionaire deal with new sponsor EA Sports from 2023

During international windows administered by FIFA, clubs must allow their international players to join their national teams.

Words by Aurelio de Laurentiis…

“Don’t talk to me about African players, or they signed waiving their right to participate in Africa Cup of Nations tournaments or between AFCON and South American championships… I won’t sign them. I never get them. They are going to play outside while we pay,” he opined.

“We idiots lend out to play about 50 games a year. The top 5 countries should host their own tournaments. Enough of these bogus competitions like Champions, Europa and Conference League. A weekly playing tournament should be created. 5 of the best European championships”, was another reaction from Napoli’s president.

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