May 17, 2022

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“We’re coming with Diego, we’re leaving, the cycle is over”


“We’re coming with this training staff, and when we’ve left, we’re all out, a cycle was over. We lived well for eight years, we said goodbye, and the truth is, it was great because we added it. Medina Radio HRNThere he added:

“We are grateful because we worked all the time, we put our head in everything, we do DNA We have proven it to date. There were things that needed to be improved, but it was part of the process and it was hard to be in our environment for eight years. We are saddened that we spent this time giving the team a change in thinking and hope that coming will strengthen us even more. ”

– “If they take Diego out, I can not stay” –

President of Motagua, Peter AdalaHe agreed during a meeting this Sunday Platteness The most viable project for the club is a continuation of the head coach staff நின்றோல் மதீனாIn interim terms.

Amado Guevara and Ninrol Madina: Modugua’s two leading candidates to replace Diego Vasquez.

“Yesterday they invited us to a meeting where the coach’s dismissal was handled; they wanted us to stay, but we’re coming with Diego, we’re leaving with him, we’re loyal to the job, and when the project leader leaves, there’s no need to come. We hope they will, “said the former captain, who has won six titles Hurricane.

Medina Was sure: it would not continue Motagua. The other options available to the board of directors are two Argentine strategists, Uruguay Fernando Aurozo And the eternal idol, Amado “Lobo” Guevara.

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“It simply came to our notice then. I am very grateful to the directors, but once things are done it is a healthy thing for the entire coaching staff to leave and rearrange what they wanted. We are loyal Diego A great job is done, ”he continued.

“It simply came to our notice then Diego More than the boss, he is my friend, my brother and we continue to support him. I said yesterday that when Diego leaves, I can not stay because they can not leave an assistant if he is taken out by bad results. There is no turning back in that sense. ” MedinaBeing strong in his position.