December 1, 2022

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We know the death of the actor of the series “Neighbors”

(CNN Español) – Mexican actor Octavio Ogana, best known for his role as Benito in the Mexican comedy series “Neighbors”, has died after being shot in the head. Confident In a statement issued by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJ) on Saturday.

Octavio Ocaña, 22, started the “Neighbors” series in 2005, ran for three seasons from 2005 to 2008 and returned to the screen in 2017, when Benito was 18 years old without a child. From 2017 to date, “Neighbors” has added eight more seasons, a total of 11.

So far, authorities are continuing to investigate the incident, so some details about it are not yet known.

According to the official version of the state FGJ and some reports from Octavio Ohana’s father (collisions with each other), this is all we know about the death of the “neighbor” actor.

What happened?

The state prosecutor’s office said Octavio Ocaña was shot in the head and his body was found inside the truck he was driving. The vehicle crashed on the Samaba-Lecheria highway near Prados Istakala in the municipality of Atisaban de Zaragoza.

Two people went with Ohana in the truck. The state FGJ pointed out that on Friday afternoon, October 29, Quattitlan was traveling in a vehicle through the streets of Iskali Municipality when he was stopped and testified by municipal police officers, both of whom testified.

According to two testimonies collected by the prosecutor’s office, the driver, who was Okana, did not stop, he accelerated, which started a chase.

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Prop and gun

In the midst of the harassment, the prosecutor’s office commented that the only report released so far in the case was that Ocaña had lost control of the truck and crashed into the side of the road.

After the truck crashed, “Octavio Okana was found with a gunshot wound to the head, and two comrades were apprehended by elements of the Metropolitan Police,” officials commented.

Someone in the truck told Okana he had a gun and that he had taken it from the vehicle’s glove box. However, the prosecutor’s office noted that accomplices and the Metropolitan Police claim there was no shooting.

The prosecutor’s office is investigating the death of actor Octavio Okana 1:12

Who are the two who went with Octavio Ocaña?

The state FGJ added that the two allies had known each other for years and that they had been drinking with him in recent days.

For his part, Octavio Perez, the father of the late Octavio Okana, spoke out to reporters on Saturday, and when questioned about the vehicle’s comrades, he assured his son that he had the confidence to be hired.

What else did Octavio Ohana’s father say?

Octavio Perez said he was devastated by his son’s death and commented that he had no enemies.

Also, he confirmed that it was his wish to take his son’s body to Tabasco this Sunday.

Similarly, it also pointed out that there was no truth in the versions of the attempted theft of the truck they were traveling in.

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Other officers

CNN tried to contact the Quattitlan Iskali police – a municipality where Octavio Okana and his comrades were traveling, they were reportedly stopped – but the company said it had no further details about the case at present.

Municipal Government Quattitlan Iskali said in a statement It works in conjunction with the state FGJ “with the intent of allowing investigations conducted by competent authorities to determine the responsibilities without creating speculation”.

“After tragic events, we will cooperate at all times because our function is to protect the lives of all who pass by the demarcation and demarcation, so we respect the investigations so as not to disrupt the work of the prosecutor’s office,” the municipal government added.


Various people from the Mexican entertainment world have responded to the news of Octavio Ocana’s death.

One of them is Eugenio Derbes, the executive producer of the “Neighbors” series. On his social networks, Derbes wrote: “Violence has once again snatched one of us from us,” and he demanded justice for himself and his family.

For his part, Eduardo ‘Lalo’ Spain, the protagonist of “Necinos”, brings the character of German Martinez to life, so Octavio Ocaña, who worked with him, wrote on Twitter: “We were absent. I can not sleep, I can not. Stop crying and tremble. RIP Octavio Ocaña, My condolences to our dear Benito in #Neighbors, his parents and sisters.

These two are linked by many more messages, which you can see here.