September 29, 2022

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“We asked for a meeting (with Naib Bukel), but we did not receive it and it did not work,” said Ricardo Zika, Piton’s ambassador.

For Joe Biden, the administration’s special envoy, his visit to the country was fruitful and he was able to convey important White House messages to El Salvador.

Ricardo Zika, the ambassador of the Biden administration to the Northern Triangle, confirmed on the first day of his visit to El Salvador that he could not establish a relationship with President Naib Bukhale.

“Yes, we asked the meeting, we did not get it, I do not know how it was done,” said the ambassador overseeing US foreign policy to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

However, he did not explain why he did not hold a meeting with the President of Salvador. Zika said it was normal that some of the meetings scheduled on such a tight schedule were not reached and limited himself to the reasons for not being able to meet, saying “he will have to ask for the presidency.”

However, the Biden administration’s special envoy was able to visit El Salvador and receive important news from the White House.

This message is crucial to the relationship between El Salvador and the United States. In addition, the fight against corruption is the central axis of his country’s plan to reduce irregular migration.

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For this reason, he reinforced the message he delivered on his first day in El Salvador: The model of an organization with international support and funding is important to strengthen the fight against illegal crime, which is CICIES in the case of the country.

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The United States on Wednesday announced a $ 2 million donation to CICIES to continue the fight against corruption in El Salvador. The commission explained yesterday that it had sent 12 notices to the state prosecutor’s office alleging corruption in 5 state institutions, but did not say what cases were involved.

JICA welcomed the proposal of civil society to strengthen the CICIES from the presidency with greater independence, give it more financial autonomy and more powers to prosecute in corrupt proceedings.

However, President Buckeye has already stated opposition to the move. With this in mind, the White House ambassador confined himself to calling El Salvador’s “sovereign end.”

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Democracy is essential

According to Ricardo Zika, democracy and the rule of law are the basic pillars of what he calls the “implementation of conditions” for the Salvadorans to have prosperity and social movement, thereby preventing or reducing irregular migration.

One of the points he placed most emphasis on in his conversation with Salvador journalists was the precise respect for press freedom.

The White House ambassador expressed concern about the pressures facing the media and said that journalists play a key role in the culture of democracy and that Washington is keen to strengthen it. He added that the US government uses the press reports of the Salvador media to base its position and analysis on El Salvador and its democracy.

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