November 30, 2022

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“We are focused,” AMLO tells Pittsburgh for immigration reform

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador Approved in an attempt to Immigration Reform President of the United States, Joe Biden, To regulate the immigration status of 11 million people.

During a bilateral meeting between the two leaders at the White House Oval Office, President Lopez Obrador announced that Mexico would pursue reform and expressed confidence that the country’s legislature would support President Biden.

“We are focused on this process, and we want both Democrats and Republicans to support Congress. It is an initiative, it is an initiative for justice, which is why we are so happy to be president.

In a nearly nine-minute message, President Lopez Obrador stressed the need for economic integration of North America and the entire continent.
“Strengthening our region in the face of the progress of other regions in the world, economic integration with respect to our sovereignty, but also strengthening ourselves, strengthening our cooperation in the economic sphere and continuing to work together.”

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Biden promised that under his presidency there would be a new relationship between the two countries on the basis of “equal treatment” and mutual respect.

In the framework of the meetings of the IX Summit of North American Leaders, the US President promised that expressions such as “our friends from the South” would no longer be used, but now they are talking about “our colleagues”.

In their first meeting as presidents in the White House’s Oval Room, Joe Biden assured that the two leaders are committed to helping the people of both countries truly enjoy democracy, as he reaffirmed that democracy has declined over the past 20 years.

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“Mr. President, I’m glad you’re here. The reason I said I like President Roosevelt is because he started good neighbor policy, and in fact when I was vice president and now my president it was not the policy of good neighbors, but I always said it was policy. Equality, Equality ..

“Mr. President, we do not use expressions like ‘our friends from the South’, but we are talking about ‘our colleagues’ in our countries on an equal footing. It’s really a new relationship, a growing relationship based on mutual respect. ”

In this sense, the US President has taken steps since January to “deepen and stabilize” the relationship between Mexico and the United States, namely the High Economic Dialogue and the High Security Dialogue, which focused on security and the framework of the two centuries.

He announced that the meeting between the two countries would touch on various issues such as controlling the Govt epidemic affecting both countries, the need for inclusive economic recovery and resolving the issue of migration.

“We are going to address a number of issues that affect our people, for example controlling the epidemic, including economic recovery and the issue of migration.”

He reaffirmed that he and President Lopez Obrador were committed to democracy, and that the system was helping the people of Mexico and the United States because the system had been reduced over the past two decades.

“We are both committed, so democracy really helps our people. In fact democracy has been reduced over the last 20 years.”

“We had a very important program, the law to rebuild the country in the best possible way has now been approved.

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Joe Biden recalled that next year would mark the 200th anniversary of the relationship between the two countries, not only to be celebrated there, but also to share family ties that unite the people of the two countries. We are going to create a promising future.

He thanked US President Lopez Obrador for promising to forge closer ties between Mexico and the United States.

“Mr. President, thank you very much for your commitment in the relationship between the two countries. We can talk about a variety of issues and establish a close relationship, first and foremost in many meetings,” he added.

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