December 1, 2022

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Wanda Nara revealed the details of Icardi’s betrayal with China

Mauro Icardi And No Nara They are one of the most mediated couples in the world of football as their relationship has attracted a lot of attention due to the controversies they have created.

Several weeks later PSG became known as a footballer I would have betrayed the Argentine model With the famous South American actressChina Suarez, It was the player’s own wife who revealed many details of the situation he experienced.

“They asked me to invite a picture of a woman, and I remember it was on his phone. Search found chat. I always searched, checked and found nothing And when there is something he will show it to me or I will show it to him We have that confidence, we tell each other everythingThe businessman said in an interview with a journalist Susanna Kimines.

“I picked it up, took the first flight I had and went home to Italy. He went behind me to look for me SpeaksR.. I went somewhere else and took some time to talk. Talked to friends and said ‘you confuse things that happen in couples’, no, not ours. I said to Mauro: ‘Will you forgive me? You find out Messages of the same nature on my phone? To which he said ‘No, I am divorcing’.Nara added.

The end of Icardi’s life?

In the same speech, wife Icardi He said the Paris team member had promised to end his football career if they did not continue their romantic relationship.

He told me that if we split up, I would retire from football. Encounter with nothing, who told me that It was fun, the fault of his life. It was here in Paris. I looked into his eyes and we were alone, I hope your regret. I blindly trust Mauro, otherwise I can not continue with him. “

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The famous Argentine model made it clear that Icardi’s honesty was necessary to forgive him, as he promised that he was the one who described everything that had happened to a woman named China Suarez who had a good relationship with Nara.

“If I can rebuild my relationship that is the reason Mauro is very honest On the other hand they told me the same story. If you know him, there are things he can not even lie to me about. I think it was wrong for him to go (to the meeting). Nothing could have happened, but nothing happened. He told me very difficult things, I learned most things from him. He told me the details of what happened, ”he said.