May 17, 2022

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Villarreal vs Liverpool Summary (2-3) | Reds, to the Champions Final

La Ceramica Stadium, Spain /

Villarreal made their fans dream for 45 minutesIt was time for him to dominate and tie the world score at 2-2 Liverpool He was cautious in the first half and tried to take advantage of the advantage he came to La Ceramica Stadium on Tuesday, but in the second half the Spaniards took the biggest blow of reality.

The yellow submarine failed to maintain the dynamics, motivation and good football they initially showed. Started playing for Liverpool As soon as he wanted to press the accelerator, he tore the Iberians to pieces with a victory. Return to the Champions League final on May 28, 2-3, 5-2.

Villarreal 2-3 Liverpool; This is the game

He firmly believed that this miracle was possible against the best playing club in Europe, Villarreal Paule scored 1-0 in the 3rd minute to make it 1-0. The goal was to unite the team led by Unai Emery, and the visitors and defense who struggled to counter the attack looked poor.

At 41 ‘the yellow submarine was in an invincible position 2-0 (Overall 2-2) with a Caption by Francis Cochlear. All pointed out that this feat could be accomplished in the second half of the tournament, because, until then, Liverpool did not scoreBut as soon as the second period was called the characters were turned upside down.

The Reds improved, tightened the rivalry’s exit and They scored two goals between 62 ‘and 65’ minutes With that the silence returned to the body of Jrgen Klopp. Was the first Fabian Towers And second from the Colombian Louis DiazThis is the only change sent by a German technician for the plugin.

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They were two deadly hooks to the liver for the Valencian team who had no response to the attack in 20 minutes. Thrown forward with greater speed than the idea, the Liverpool took advantage of a setback To put the third goal of the night and the fifth goal of the series in their favor, they disbanded the Spaniards.

Sadio Mane is the author of 2-3 (2-5 of the total score). Villarreal tried, but could no longer respond and was eliminated from the competition after an excellent presentation. Liverpool will play their tenth Champions League final on May 28 Against Manchester City or Real Madrid defining a second guest this Wednesday. L

Goals in video | Villarreal 2-3 Liverpool