December 7, 2022

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Video: Nyurka shows off her breasts on a full-time show

once again Niurka Marcos It gives something to talk about because it shows how firm your body is Chosen to show off her breasts during a streaming intervention for the “D Primer Mano” project Of the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infonde.

In this interview, Newerga was questioned about some of the boldest photos she recently posted on her social networks, where she appeared with very minimal clothing And showed everything covering the top of her bikini, which is simply, The Cuban woman had a good idea to show her qualities again, but live.

The expression of the hosts of the entertainment show changed instantly They are not waiting The dancer is going to show himself how God brought her into the world, So they couldn’t help but be somewhat awkward about what happened on the national broadcast.

Although this event occurs entirely live, it is important to note where this piece is located Nyurka exposed her breasts Not only in front of the press, but also on Mexican national television, it had already been removed from the program’s official channel, but Internet users watched this moment unforgettably and made it viral.

No doubt Because the Cuban always surprises his followers A few days ago he shared a series of pictures only on his Instagram account At the base of the bikini, they are not removed from the network by proper censorship.