Victoria Aitken Teams With Spragga Benz In Song With Olympic Spirit

Victoria AitkenIn the spirit of the Olympics, UK dance artist Victoria Aitken has teamed up with Jamaican dancehall deejay and reggae superstar Spragga Benz for an exciting track called Wasting Away. The dance track is catchy and infectious and teams up a singer from the Olympics host region with a top performer from the country that has seen Jamaica’s Usain Bolt capture the title of world’s fastest man as he easily stole the 100m and 200m events at the games. With this recording, fans from both countries are the winners.

Aitken wrote RockStar Weekly to tell us about the song and teaming up with Benz: “Since Jamaica is the "talk of the whole Olympics" I've finished a track called "Wasting away" with Jamaican reagge legend Spragga Benz (the most amazing reggae guy, he's had lots of hits) in time for the party of the year where Jamaican celebrates Bolts victories at the Olympics the first man ever to win both the 100 and 200 meters.”

Aitkens is known for her tongue-in-cheek songwriting, having previously penned songs that referenced her upbringing as daughter to former Conservative MP, Jonathan Aitken – one of which was called Jenny From The Yacht.

Aitken said the song centers around Jamaica’s love of partying. Listen to Wasting Away here: