November 28, 2022

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Victor Escobar became the first Colombian to approach euthanasia without succumbing to death | Univision Salute News

His lawyer, Luis Giraldo, confirmed the news on Twitter: “Victor has just achieved … he has just recovered from his pain. God have mercy on him … He wrote that you are a warrior.

Escobar, 60, became The first beneficiary of the historic judgment of the Constitutional Court In July 2021 it changed the rules of euthanasia in the country and allowed people experiencing serious physical or mental suffering from a serious and incurable disease to use it without a final stage.

There was euthanasia Innocent in 1997 in Colombia, But it did not become law until 2015.

Victor Escobar Case: Immunotherapy does not work

Escobar’s ailments did not stop even through the chest. She had received prophylactic treatment, although it worked at first, but then did not produce the same effect. The two strokes he suffered in 2008 were the main reason he lost part of his body, which he had partially recovered from. And then The Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Why depends on the oxygen to breathe. He suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, severe arthritis and chondrocostal joint syndrome.

The man was 24 years old and worked as a truck driver in a serious road accident that required multiple medical treatments and three spinal surgeries. After a long recovery, he went to work in a laboratory where he believes he is suffering from asbestos (asbestos), whose inhalation can lead to severe lung conditions.

“Facing justice, being one with only the media of political parties, religion and many others in power was a complex issue,” Escobar’s lawyer Luis Giraldo told the AP.

Assisted death, though legal, was tarnished in Colombia, as evidenced by the case of Martha Sebulveda, who was revoked just hours before the procedure in October 2021. One reason he appeared in the media was because the clinic’s medical team changed its initial verdict.

Zebulveda, who suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS, was the first terminal patient to be euthanized. This procedure has already been approved by a judge, but has not yet been implemented.

Euthanasia in your family’s company

Escobar, a father of four, plans to spend his last days with his children and his wife, Diana Franிலிois Nieto.

Escobar said he would donate his functional organs and would like to be cremated the day after he died and that he would be in the jersey of his football team Deportivo Gali when he died. “I am just happy to be free. My departure is approaching and with that my duty as an empty fan has been fulfilled, ”he said.

Escobar has decided to take up the banner to defend euthanasia, which is not a legal battle, but a useful right.