Versus The Nothing Kick Off The Grind Stone Tour In Vancouver

Versus the Nothing
Joe's Apartment
Vancouver, BC
February 17, 2012 
Versus The Nothing started their 2012 Grind Stone Tour with a powerful show at Joe's Apartment in Vancouver. With their last tour still fresh in the minds of both the band and their fans, Ross, Ande, Chris, Jay and Jake showed they are ready for this next step. I had only experienced them with their videos online, but I was blown away with the live show. The music is way more intense.
With My Coma and It's Criminal as openers for this show, Joe's Apartment, as intimate and quaint as it is , showcased them awesomely. What a crowd. We were packed in and could barely move. It had to be a full house. Closing time 3am, life as a RockStar Baby! 
Versus The Nothing, or VTN as they are known, opened with Semi Automatic Life. It's is a great song to get the audience rocking and the front of the stage was full of photographers getting their best shots of the tour. Ross likes to body surf the crowd and he didn't waste much time to jump on and go for a ride. He rode the waves a few times. He is a great frontman indeed.
Jay on bass gets down and technical – I always love watching good bass players; it can really be an art. The technical aspect of guitar work can be mesmerising and a good bass player makes it that much more exciting. Ande shares the spotlight with Chris with stellar guitar and vocals, while Jake is awesome on drums and backing vocals.
This is Versus TheNothing's forth tour since winning Vancouver Seeds in 2008. From what I hear, each one gets better and from what I saw tonight, these guys love to tour. (I hope they have a new van this one around).
I was made an instant fan at my first show. If you get the chance to see these guys, Just do it!
Set List:
Semi Automatic Life 
Mask of Pretention 
Bleed the Ocean 
Something Never falls 
Copernican Shift
Let It All Come Down 
We Won't Go