May 19, 2022

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Verizon Wireless customers have reported outages across the US

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Verizon wireless customers across the US reported that they were unable to make or receive phone calls on Wednesday afternoon.


Verizon customers across the United States have reported that their mobile phone service is down. Complaints began on Tuesday, and by 4:50 p.m. ET on Wednesday, over 23,000 issues had been reported Down Detector website.

While many reports have come from California and the West Coast, outages have been reported in Atlanta, the capital, Denver, Minneapolis, New York City and Philadelphia.

As of 3:20 PM PT, phones are restarting It seems to restore The ability to make and receive calls.

Heat map showing Verizon wireless outages.

Heat map showing Verizon wireless outages.

on twitter, single user They claimed to be able to send text messages but could not receive or make phone calls. When calling, they reported, a message saying the number is “not working or unavailable”.

Another Down Detector customer said, “Sacramento, California. I’m not getting phone calls or texts. All four lines on my plan aren’t working.”

Subscribers to US Cellularwhich uses the Verizon network, also reported being affected by the outage.

A Verizon spokesperson told CNET that the company was aware of an issue affecting voice calls for some Verizon customers. “Our engineers are engaged and working quickly to identify and fix the problem,” they said.

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