December 10, 2022

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Vector Manuel Vusetich Sivas stops being coach

Vector Manuel Vuடிedich S சிவாvs ceased to be coach

Mexico – After the victory Sivas Pachuca front, board Guadalajara Announced as Director of Technology, Victor Manuel Vusetich, He was removed from the position of strategist of the Holy Flock.

Despite winning their second home game, the fans Guadalajara He demanded a strategic exit after a bad start in this championship.

“To date, the Guadalajara Sports Club reports that Professor Vector Manuel Vusetic and his coaches are no longer part of the company.”

“We appreciate the professionalism they showed during the 13 months they were in charge of our team and helped them return to the finals after their absence during that time,” the club said.

Victor Manuel Vusetich He came to Guadalajara for the 2020 Guard 1 Anas tournament, where a year later under his administration led by Sivas, his departure was decisive due to the lack of results in this championship, with 20 wins, four draws and two defeats on the first nine dates of the tournament.

During his tenure as technical director Sivas, Victor Manuel Vusetich He played a total of 45 games, in which he recorded 17 wins, 17 draws and 11 defeats, creating a 50 percent performance with the Rojiplanco team.

He became a strategist who ended his two-and-a-half year absence from the King Midas League, reaching the semifinals of Guard 1 Mans Tournament 2020, while he was eliminated in the Guard 1 Ons match in 2021 in a tie restructured by Pachuka.

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Chivas announced the decision, saying that those in the club would take charge of the first team in the upcoming duels, in which they would be an alternative to the Rojiplanco bench.