Vancouver’s Elias is far from a Lasting Distraction


EliasVancouver’s own Elias headlined an intimate and impressive concert at the Biltmore Cabaret on December 9th with Bodhi Jones, Laura Smith, and Spotlight Carnival. They entertained the crowd with songs off their new album "Lasting Distraction".

This Canadian indie rock band create the type of music that can tell stories not only through their lyrics but also through their sweeping melodies. Fans of Death Cab for Cutie or even fellow Canadian band Pilot Speed would be fans of Elias’ captivating songs as well. Frontman Brian Healy takes you from one catchy song to the next with his pitch-perfect vocals. He tickles the ivories which lends a soft yet driving tone that compliments drummer Stefan Tavares’ equally driving beats. Throw in Robert Tornroos’ slick guitar riffs and you have music that can accompany a great contemporary movie trailer any day.

A key to any successful concert is to always have a great momentum flowing from song to song. That was no problem for Elias because all of the songs off "Lasting Direction" naturally possessed charged rhythm. "All We Want" had a forceful melody that kept driving right to the end. "Awake Tonight" became my personal favorite for it’s captivating melody and simple yet charming chorus. The audience was even graced with Elias’ own version of "Carol of the Bells". ‘Tis the season for Christmas-inspired rock covers! It was such a successful set that lighting and any extra flash did not matter in the least. A talented and sincere performance was delivered and it was refreshing to see a band who’s genuine music spoke for itself.

The set was much too short though- only a good 30 minutes. One fan even shouted out "That’s it?!" when their last song was announced. It just means that the crowd wants more! Unfortunately, this was the band’s last concert for this year. If you would like to catch them one more time, you can see them participate in "Busking for Change" in support of War Child Canada on December 18th in Library Square.

But come the new year, if you do have the chance to see them- do it! You will want to say that you knew about Elias long before they hit it big.

December 9, 2009
Biltmore Cabaret
Vancouver, BC

Review and Photos By Mhelanni Gorre
RockStar Weekly



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