Vancouver Feels The Steel (Panther)


Steel Panther

Vancouverites were the very first Canadians to loose their Steel Panther virginity in a jam-packed Commodore last night. These Los Angeles rockers performed in Vancouver for their very first Canadian performance ever! And oh boy, with big hair and even tighter pants, did they deliver!

The boys played songs off of their debut album "Feel the Steel". Sure, they’re a parody heavy metal band but that doesn’t mean that they lack
in musical talent. Lead singer, Michael Starr, is your ideal frontman for a glam metal band. Many may see him as a fatter David Lee Roth. But he prefers to be known as a skinnier Vince Neil. He sings just as well as he does on the album and that’s with the many laps he does across the stage. The power balled "Community Property" was well received with a wave of lighters in the crowd and a fan crowd-surfed to the stage to sing along in "Girl from Oklahoma". This time around, the sound was clear! You could hear Satchel’s, the lead guitarist, guitar solo montage perfectly. He demonstrated just how well he can wail the "Flight of the Bumblebee" then slyly transition into "Sweet Child of Mine" and "Ironman". On top of that, he kept the beat while tapping on a bass drum. Impressive, no?

On top of being terrific musicians, they are humorous entertainers! They’ve got hilariously crude dialogue between each song to match the hilarious lyrics in the songs! Bassist Lexxi Foxxx was the epitome of a hair metal rocker. Spraying his hair and touching it up between songs was a must. He was also the only member with a wind machine to blow air into his golden locks. No joke. He is every Panteen Pro V commercials dream.

I had an awesome time taking photos in the pit and even watching the show from the balcony. The guys in Steel Panther really enjoy what they do and it shows in their performance. What a show! They made a terrific first impression on Canada. Next time- wind machines for everyone!

Steel PantherSteel Panther

Steel Panther
December 9, 2009
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC

Review and Photos By Mhelanni Gorre
RockStar Weekly