Vancouver Feels The Steel (Panther) TWICE!

Steel PantherVancouver sure is lucky. Aside from hosting the Winter Olympics where team spirit is riding high, heavy metal parody band Steel Panther has decided to grace us yet again for 2 nights! These Los Angeles boys performed back in December 2009. I was lucky enough to see them in concert back then and even luckier to see them again last night!

A rager of a party it was! The boys kicked off their sold-out show at the Commodore with “Turn Out The Lights”.  Crowd surfers rose and fell over the audience and over the barricade as Steel Panther charged right into the next song, “Asian Hooker”. Front man Michael Starr’s voice was on par yet again even with all of his wailing and jumping and overtly suggestive hip-thrusts.

There was the usual Panther talk. Y’know, sex and drugs. Bring a couple of girls onstage. Have those girls flash the audience. Nothing out of the ordinary at a Steel Panther show! They continued to play songs from their 3-time platinum album, “Feel the Steel”.

Lexxi Foxxx had his trademark hair blowing in the wind again. One day I will find where that hidden wind machine is. But for now I’ll be distracted with the fact that Lexxi acquired a jewel-studded hand mirror sometime between December’s concert and now. He gave thanks to the guy who invented mirrors at one point in the show. He also tried to get everyone to shout out “hotdog”.

Steel Panther even covered Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns & Roses. They said farewell to Vancouver with their hit single “Death To All But Metal”.

Steel PantherMy only criticism of the show was the sound. C’mon Commodore, yet again the sound was not clear. I could easily tell that was the case because of Satchel’s guitar solo. Clean and crisp it was back in December but the sound caliber just wasn’t up to par this time. A pity really because the guy is insanely talented. Like last time, he wailed out tunes like “Sweet Child of Mine” and at one point even kept the beat by banging on the drums at the same time. He could’ve been busking on a street corner as a one-man band in another life.

Again, Steel Panther truly are amazing entertainers and musicians. Their show should not be missed! The guys are performing one more time in Vancouver tomorrow night before they head down to the US to continue on with their tour.

Steel Panther
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC
February 17, 2010

By Mhelanni Gorre
RockStar Weekly