Vancouver Fans Go Bananas For 100 Monkeys

September 12, 2009
The Rickshaw Theare
Vancouver, BC

Jackson Rathbone & 100 Monkeys

Review By Katie Percival / Concert Photo By Dan Savoie
Special to Rockstar Weekly

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Editors Note: Katie was the RockStar Weekly contest winner who was put on the band’s guest list for the show. She was also able to meet the band.

The anticipation to see 100 Monkeys live was bananas. Held at the very sweaty Rickshaw Theatre on September 12th, it was one hell of a memorable night.

Thanks to RockStar Weekly, my best friend, Julie and myself were able to have a meet-n-greet with the band back stage before the show started. Feeling anxious as I entered the room, it quickly changed by the overly happy vibe from the band. Jackson, Ben G, Jared, Ben J and even the infamous Uncle Larry were very pleasant and down to earth.

Another exciting part of the night was that I happened to be getting a drink by the entrance when Twilight stars Nikki Read and Elizabeth Reaser walked through the door. Nikki Read graciously posed for a picture with Julie and me.

Pushing and shoving, being threatened to get kicked out by security; we finally made it to the front of the crowd. 100 Monkeys was 100 times better live than when I listened to them via their website and youtube. I was really blown away by the band, feeling wordless when it came to describing their music. The best part of the show is that all of the band members switch up their instruments. I had no clue who the lead singer was because they were such a multi talented band. The show kept you on your feet jumping and loving life.

After the show we hung out at the side door while the band packed up their gear, and where Jackson Rathbone snuck off in a van very quickly. Being one really lucky girl, I got to go back with Uncle Larry and Dan to the band’s hotel room where the band and people drank and hung out.

My last impression of 100 Monkeys is that, they are a very genuine and incomparable band that I would definitely go see again. I may have come as a die-hard Twilight fan, but left wanting more of 100 Monkeys.

Here’s blonde Katie and her friend Julie with the 100 Monkeys:

100 Monkeys