November 28, 2022

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Valuable newspaper L’Équipe praises a full page for Albert Ellis

Magnificence deserves recognition, and more if you do it in one of the best leagues in the world like the Championship France League 1, A championship that has not been modified seven times yet Golden Ball Lionel Messi, A style of play that differs from practice in other parts of Europe and combats expulsion from a team, in which its structure depends on what he does.

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A Albert Ellis The old continent has not been big for him since his first season Bovista de Portugal Comes from M.L.S. After growing up playing in the dirty grounds of the Chamlacon neighborhood in Sula, San Pedro. It jumped to one of the five biggest Europeans to play with him Gerontins of Bordeaux, A restructuring team has signed Honduran as its best star, who has not stopped shining since he broke his first web.

‘La Panterita’ have scored five goals in their last seven games with the Sailors, with whom he made his debut until the 8th of the campaign after a prolonged injury to the fifth left-hander. He has nine games less than Mbappé (9), but has a better goal average (7 goals, average of 0.44 against 0.44, second best in the league) and half of the goals he has already scored. The previous season (8 in 32J) with three times less games.

Lorient faced his goals against the Mets, Strasbourg and the best players in the country. PSG And Leon, L’Équipe, one of the most valuable newspapers in the sports world, has dedicated a full page to the 25-year-old Honduran international Elise in his company edition, where he highlights the most important football points he has made in his campaign. 21/22, showing his influence in the 2-2 draw against Lyon on Sunday, where he scored and helped and created a big unknown: what could have happened Albert If he had started the league normally, up to two months that would have paralyzed him without rhythm and injury?

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French sports statistics, Opta Jean, It has been reported that no player has scored more goals in the number of matches Ellis has scored in his debut season in League 1. Labeling it as ‘expression’. It should be noted that his rating was the highest of the competition with 7/10 Anthony Lobs And Remy Odin; Among the very few was Brazilian star and goalkeeper Lucas Baguetta, who had erroneously scored 4/10 in the attack.

– Ellis, ça Turn (Ellis, it flies), by Emery Dysney –

‘The Honduran striker was once again decisive, assisting Girondins to score a draw and goal for the fifth time this season against Lyon.

His header goal was not too heavy during the blow he scored on Wednesday night Strasbourg (2-5), But there is a standard with Albert Ellis: Since it is back in operation, its performance is confusing.

Honduran International has been describing his color since last October 24th Lorient (1-1), when he opened the scoring after a counterattack, it was the first touchdown of the season. He rarely failed, his performance before him Leon, Sunday, once again allowed his coach to better understand why Vladimir Petkovich Before signing the ‘real’ Joker he introduced himself as the ‘Joker’ of the club M’Baye Niang (It’s his nickname) At the end of September.

‘I am very happy (for his performance) that he is a player who gives everything. It’s rewarding, ” he said. Pektovic, Girondins coach, envelope Albert Ellis.

Gironde’s goal in the first half was deflected by Malலோ Custo (36 ‘), who was sent off from the right wing behind Lyon’s defense, and was converted by Honduran’s pass for a second goal after a forward from the center. The line-up to stand alone against Anthony Lobs to score his fifth goal in seven games (58 ‘); While Nyang, twice (80 ‘, 90 + 3’), and Steen Gregerson (90 + 3 ‘) lost at the right time, Ellis’ skill was different than that of Girondins at the end of the game.

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“I’m very happy because he’s a player who gives everything. , Thought he had opened the score (23 ‘).

He thanked the fans and celebrated ‘Ponderida’: Albert Ellis lived up to his third goal in France.

Although no one has played as well as he has since the 11th, the question arises as to where the match will take place. Ellis It would be high if he did not miss the first eight dates in the classification of scorers. There is no doubt that he is making progress Gerontins Will collect the purchase option (.5 7.5 million) Good view. It was the choice of the former CD Olympia player, who played in Montreal and MLS in Mexico. Houston Dynamo, Who occasionally dreamed of going to Europe.