September 29, 2022

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Vaccination for the elderly and patients with chronic diseases for COVID-19 begins Wednesday

This will end on Monday 5th April using the first dose for teachers in the public education sector and will begin with teachers in the private sector. However, the government has kept all information about vaccines secret, including acquisitions.

President Naib Bukhele said this Sunday night that the vaccination process against COVID-19 for the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases will begin on Wednesday, April 7th.

“On Wednesday we started with chronic degenerative diseases and our older adults,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

In addition, on Monday, April 12, “The Mega Vaccine Center will open, capable of serving 10,000 people a day. That would put us at 30,000 a day. ”

However, Buckell did not clarify why they were not used for this purpose. Vaccine blocks, in which the government spent a million Months ago. In the words of Health Minister Francisco Alaba, in January, the health strategy set his spending at $ 5 million, for which he received criticism from the same doctors and nurses, accusing him of “not putting one up”.

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Speaking about vaccinating teachers in the public education sector, the President said that the process would be completed this Monday and the first dose application against COVID-19 for teachers in the private sector would begin immediately.

On Thursday they plan to vaccinate university teachers, with whom they will complete the process next Sunday, April 11th.

However, this information about how the vaccination process works cannot be verified The government has classified all information related to vaccinations as excluded, Including acquisitions.

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During the reception of the fourth batch of vaccines on March 28, the Minister of Health said that with those levels it was expected that “our teachers will be included before we return to classes on April 6”.

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Now, Bukele has also confirmed that the country will receive a 150,000 dose donation against COVID-19 from China, whose arrival will be Tuesday night.

According to the president, the vaccines are “more than 2 million purchased by our government from SINOVAC.”

However, the Salvador government did not disclose the price of the vaccine it purchased.

According to a document, the Ministry of Health (E-mail) has announced that it will book bulk information on the use and purchase of vaccines against COVID-19, thereby restricting access to these data for a period of 3 to 5 years. E-allocated information table, Updated on March 11 on its transparency site.

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Transparency experts who have been confronted with the announcement that the government has set aside data related to obtaining and administering vaccines confirm that this affects the right of the public to be informed about issues related to their health and his or her life.