November 28, 2022

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USA: How Donald Trump’s New Website – USA – International

The Explicit Donald Trump He launched a website to “preserve the wonderful heritage” of his administration and carried out the “America First” agenda, which did not mention anything that would have tarnished his presidency.

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Nor was he the first president to be subjected Two political trials in CongressIn both he was acquitted by Republican votes, or taken over by his supporters who followed him before he fought the “fraud” he claimed to be the victim of in the November 2020 election, but not on a website created for the glory of the 45th president of the United States.

Named, A page that is considered a site for users Former Republican presidential followers can be contacted as Trump’s accounts on Twitter and Facebook are closed. To incite violence, it is a panacea for his presidency, which praises his image and actions to the maximum, except for anything that dulls him.

Through civic engagement and public activism, Donald J. Trump’s office will strive to provide information, education, and encouragement to Americans of all walks of life as it seeks to create a truly better American future.“ notes on its start page.

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Donald J. Trump’s office will try to inform, educate, and encourage Americans from all walks of life

Photo taken on the day he assumed the presidency, in January 2017 Trump dances with his wife Melania Image of a former president at the White House and a Palm Beach (Florida) resident entering the Web site.

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“Through this office, the President Trump will be a tireless advocate for the hard-working men and women of our great country, Security, security, prosperity and their right to live in peace, “he says as a business card. Introduces Trump As the architect of “the most extraordinary political movement in history”, he defeated Washington’s machine (establishment) and became the first true “foreign” (non-political) to reach the White House.

The middle class, including Hispanics and African Americans, has been accentuated in their economic achievements over reducing their income to “five times higher than the previous administration” and to the lowest level in half a century. And Asians.

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The Immigration policy This highlights another “strong” web of Trump. “By understanding that border security is a national security issue, President Trump has reached the safest border in American history Signed a series of key agreements with our partners in the Western Hemisphere to stop smuggling, smuggling and illegal migration.

Other qualifications claimed for this website include restoring the policy that newcomers to the country must be financially self-sufficient, ending “formal asylum fraud” and reducing “refugee admissions to stable levels”.

No president has done much to create an immigration system that promotes the security, security, security and prosperity of the American people.“, Says the web, following a step Trump, of his Mar-e-Lago club in Palm Beach, has not stopped blaming President Joe Biden. Creating a “disaster” for the removal of their policies on the border with Mexico.

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The new website praises Trump for “saving” countless lives since his inception International spread Reuse and testing of “exhausted” medical products as US borders closed to Chinese and Europeans Covit-19 and mass vaccines.

Since the onset of the epidemic in 2020, the United States has been plagued by COV-19 (30.3 million) and more deaths (over 550,000).

The internet also praises Trump’s foreign policy For leading the United States against China and other countries, and for reaching a peace agreement in the Middle East.

“Fighting the virus or foreign terrorists, creating jobs, protecting US borders, unleashing American energy, reviving patriotism or restoring American sentiment, President Trump has never wavered in defending our values, our families, our traditions and our freedom,” 45 Office. com.


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