September 27, 2022

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Uruguay – Peru: TV channel, date and time to watch the qualifying round match | Via MovieStar Sports | Latin TV | America TV | Game-total

The Peruvian national team Collide with உருகுவே 17th day of the competition Qualifying matches for Qatar 2022. The red and white will go to Montevideo, which will allow him to define his pass for the World Cup on the final date by adding a good result. You can follow this game without any problems, we give you the time, day and which channels will broadcast the qualifying round live broadcast.

Two color Is in the qualifying zone and hopes to get a good result in Montevideo with a win in Lima against the Guarani team. So, do not miss any detail of these commitments of the package Ricardo Carreca We leave the day of the game, the tables and the channels that broadcast live the qualifying round clashes.

Schedule of match between Peru and Uruguay

Peru has two main responsibilities against the exam Uruguay and Paraguay In the final of the qualifying rounds. Here we give you the dates to find out when the red and white players will play on the 17th of the qualifying round:

  • Uruguay vs. Peru | Thursday evening from 6:30 pm in Lima at Centenario Stadium in Montevideo, March 24, 2022.

TV channels to watch the match between Peru and Uruguay

As was the case in all games PlayoffsAuthorized channels to watch Peruvian team matches in Peruvian region (Channel 3), (Channel 4) and (Channel 2).

The vice-president of the AUF noted the price of tickets for fans in Peru.  (Photo: FPF)
The vice-president of the AUF noted the price of tickets for fans in Peru. (Photo: FPF)

How to qualify for Qatar 2022 by streaming?

In addition, all these signals have their mobile versions, where you can enjoy the obligations of Peru and others Playoffs by streaming. These applications:

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