December 7, 2022

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Urshela was the hero in the Yankees’ victory

BALTIMORE – Aaron Judge hit two more home runs and a Geo Urshela Pinch hit home run in Baltimore on Friday night, beating the New York Yankees several times to beat Oriole 5-4 on Friday night.

The referee is 10-for-19 with five home runs in games against the Orioles this season. He has 13 professional home run games, including five against Baltimore.

Colombian Urshela still has a sore left knee, but got it in the seventh inning. After the Miguel Andazer single, Kyle Higashioka walked away.

Urshela smashed her second career pinch homer, Travis Lackins (1-4) to clear the 4-2 deficit.

Many key players are missing from the Yankees, including COVID-19-infected Venezuelan clipper Torres; Center fielder Aaron Hicks, left wrist injury, and slacker Giancarlo Stanton ruled out a last-minute severe left quadriceps problem.

Starter Corey Klopper (3-2) allowed four runs and seven wins in six innings in which he hit a six.

For the Yankees, the Dominicans carried Gary Sanchez 4-0, and Andazer 4-1. Colombia Urshela scored 1-1 and scored three runs.

For the Orioles, Venezuela’s Freddie Calvis is 4-0. Dominicans Michael Franco 4-0, Point Pedro Severino 4-1 and one Reserve.

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