September 30, 2022

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UPNFM beats Olympia to take on the losers in Glasgow and the unbeaten streak in the Nationals! – Ten

Marker: UPNFM 2-1 Olympics

Take a look: Table of stages of the Clausura 2021 competition


Minute 90 + 5: Yellow card for Josman Fikurova de Olympia.

Minute 90 + 4:OLYMPIC GOOOAAAL! Michael Cyrinos reduces the lead with a right foot shot after the help of Jerry Pengson.

Minute 90 + 3: The title of Gelio Fengson is in the hands of Celio Valladolid.

90 minutes: Five extra minutes add to the referee in the second half.

90 minutes: Yellow card for Michael Cyrinos de Olympia.

Min89: Change in UPNFM, Christopher Urmenetta left and Elix Gomez entered.

Min89: Incredible failure! Matthias Carido discounted Olympia under the UPNFM goal, but he finished with a very powerful handbag and lifted it.

Minute 87: Olympia approaches UPNFM area with a center from the corridor, but destroys security.

Minute 82: Jerry Pengson’s mistake against goalkeeper Celio Valladolid and the match is stopped to help the UPNFM goalkeeper.

Minute 78: Many advanced positions have allowed Olympian athletes to take care of themselves out of place.

Minute 75: Change in UPNFM, Central Cruise left and Carlos Rochess entered.

Min 73: Olympia has improved its lines, but it is not clear.

Minute 68: Shot by Michael Cyrinos in the hands of Celio Valladolid.

TP Flores was unable to play his best game against UPNFM. Photo: Alex Perez.

Minute 67: Triple transformation of UPNFM, Caesar Gillan, Louis Arkinal and Zyro Rochess; Jeric Diaz, Juan Ramon Mejia and Samuel Elvir entered.

Min 66: Yellow card from UPNFM to Zyro Rochess.

Minute 65: Yellow card for Matthias Garrido de Olympia.

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64 minutes: Double transformation of Olympia, Samuel Cordova and Ezuel Aguirre; Jorge Alvarez and Matthias Carrido entered.

Min63: Poor control. Josman Fikurova started a cross, which crossed the entire area, and Esquel Aguirre could not mark the discount.

Minute 58: You failed it! The UPNFM was so clear to end the game that when Louis Arkil was directed, Etrik only wanted to lift the ball in front of Menzo, but it bounced off the body of the Olympia goalkeeper.

Minute 56: They advise Olympia coach Pedro Troclio to complain to the referee.

55: தபாடான்! Celio Valladolid hits Diego Reyes in the head and avoids the fall of his goal.

Minute 54: Double transformation of Olympia, Alan Panegas and Marvin Bernardes; Diego Reyes and Josman Fikurova entered.

Minute 51: Very smooth left shot by Malar Nice.

Minute 47:GOOOOL DE UPNFM! Lopos’ brilliant counter-attack for Caesar Gillan to remove the Panegas brand, end his left hand and bring down Etrik Menzo.

UPNFM has surprised Olympia with its game. Photo: Alex Perez.

Minute 46: Good rough estimate of Olympia; Ezekiel Aguirre won the base and sent in a pass for the arrival of Michael Cyrinos, but the ball did not reach its goal.

Filling started!

Middle age: The same 22 players who started the game enter the field. No changes.

The end of the first half!

45 + 3 min: Alan Panegas’ highest free kick.

Minute 45 + 2: Yellow card to Alan Panegas de Olympia.

45 minutes: Adds three extra minutes in the first half.

Minute 43: Is this a crime? Marvin Bernardes falls in the UPNFM area and the players make a false accusation, but the referee does not whistle for anything.

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Minute 40: Yellow card to Leswin Medina from UPNFM.

Minute 37Jerry Benson’s distracted title.

36 minutes: Incredible failure! Marvin Bernardes equalized for Olympia after a pass from Jerry Pengson, but it was widely completed before the departure of footballer Celio Valladolid.

Minute 34: The game was stopped because Zyro Rochess needed the help of UPNFM medical staff. Leaving the field on a stretcher forward.

Minute 33: Olympia tried to change the situation and approached the goal of the wolves, but without much risk.

Minute 27:UPNFM GOOOAAAL – UPNFM! Captain Ronald Montoya opens with a header after Louis Arjinal kicks Lobos’ score into a corner.

Minute 26: DP Flores lost the ball in the center of the field, a good approach was developed by Lopos, but Caesar Gillan took the top spot.

25 minutes: A far-fetched shot from the Sentel Cruise that lifted Olympia’s goal.

24 minutes: Free kick wasted from UPNFM. Louis Arkinal sent the center of the past that Enrique Vasquez could not finish comfortably.

Minute 22: The match continues to be hampered by several scams committed by both the teams.

Minute 18: Distant shot by Louis Arjen in the hands of Etrik Menzover.

Minute 14: Serious failure of the referee to mark the absence of UPNFM’s Caesar Gillan’s offside The university forward outlined the law of Olympia.

Minute 11: UPNFM has approaches to the Olympia area by air balls, but simply knows how to resist.

UPNFM stands up to Olympia in the National. Photo: Alex Perez.

Minute 6: Close! UPNFM were about to open the score against Olympia after a header from Caesar Gillan after a cross from the right. The wolf’s attacker’s shot was deflected.

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Minute 3: The game started off very energetically, with both teams seeking control of the ball to dominate the clash.

Game launched!

The league is there. UPNFM Y Olympiad The star in the initial clash of the eight-day event this Tuesday Clausura 2021 Competition When they meet again at the National Stadium from 4:00 p.m.


UPNFM: 1. Celio Valladares; 19. Marcos Kodoi, 4. Leswin Medina, 16. Ronald Montoya, 17. Enrique Vasquez; 27. Jason Sanchez, 15. Christopher Urmenetta, 18. Louis Arkinal; 23. Sentel Cruise, 11. Caesar Gillan, 24. Zero Rochess. D.T. Solomon Nasser.

Replace. Alvarez. 53. Roy Rodriguez.

Olympiad: 1. Etrick Menzver; 2. Mailer Nice, 17. Jonathan Boss, 16. Johnny Leveron, 24. Samuel Cordova; 20. Debbie Flores, 8. Alan Panegas, 31. Marvin Bernardes, 33. Michael Cyrinos; 14. Ezekiel Aguirre, 27. Jerry Penson. D.T. Pedro Troclio.

Replace. 65. Josman Fikurova.