September 29, 2022

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Unusual: A woman has been suffering from nose pain for 37 years and the PCR test revealed a surprising cause

This girl lived for 37 years with a baby toy stuck in her nose (photo:

For most of his life, Mary McCarthy, A kitchen worker in a hospital New Zealand, Lived with a pain in the right side of his nose, a Constant irritation He got used to it.

But last year, after a very painful COVID-19 PCR test, That irritability became unbearable to the sick state. However, the reason is unknown.

After visiting several doctors, A surgeon at Christchurch Hospital removed a yellow piece tiddlywinks, The most popular children’s group sport in the country, after 37 years as a child stayed on the upper part of the nose.

The surgeon also removed Subject Calcifico That piece had grown around.

Ditlivings, Is a game developed in the UK over the decade 1860 It uses a set of small disk-shaped pieces called “winks”.

When she was just 8 years old, the now 45-year-old woman was playing with her seven siblings tiddlywinks And in the middle of the game He finished one of the small pieces on the nose. Thing The children began to put the pieces in their noses and blew hard to see how far they would go.

I inhaled once instead of accidentally expelling one, I was a little scared to tell my mom so I didn’t. I remember being scared at that moment thinking where he had gone. “The woman told local media.

McCarthy spoke to reporters while in hospital, where he was admitted after surgery last Friday. She said she still had a nose sore For the first time in more than three decades she was excited because she could breathe normally through her right nostril.

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Now her story is extraordinary and laughable, beginning as a little girl fearing punishment from her mother She ended up with an operation to remove something that had bothered her in her adult life.

“For years it was always hard for me to breathe through my nose, but I never thought about it.”, He said.

But last year the problem got worse. After a COVID-19 nasal swab test in October, he felt pain for several days Then he started creating serious problems.

“My nose was constantly running, I was in so much pain”, The woman confirmed. He saw several general practitioners who said the pain was due to a chronic sinus condition.

“I have a lot of problems in my life, so I’ll burn it back”, Counted. Michael, 22, son of Austd, who is strictly McCarthy, does not speak and lives fully in his care.

Ditliving piece on Mary McCarthy's nose (photo:
Ditliving piece on Mary McCarthy’s nose (photo:

So decided not to test until August this year, When he recorded an appointment with a private otolaryngologist.

But the infection was no joke, and he had to attract attention. Luckily she works in a hospital kitchen so she went for the test when she could not bear the pain.

“Fortunately, the nurse and doctor believed it was more than just sinus pain. They asked me if I ever had something in my nose and I told them about it. tiddlywink, Like laughing “, Remember McCarthy

A Computed tomography Revealed an object on the surface of the nose, however it did not look like one tiddlywink. The doctor tried to remove it while she was awake, but it was too big and too painful.

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Is in process The substance was pushed through his nose and extracted through his mouth. Govt discarded the test discs and caused infection.

“When I woke up I was like, ‘What is that?’ They said it was hospital laughter a tiddlywink It did not even lose its color. There was calcification around it, which is why my nose was a little curved. “, He concluded.

McCarthy also said he hopes to have an easier breathing life now A tight nose.

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