December 10, 2022

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Until the last date! Lil Draw, PSG won and LQ1 without a champion

Paris France /

The league would be much tighter if it were in Spain It will be resolved by the last date, Ann France Because the situation is still being fought Deadline for Ligu 1, Not yet champion, the difference between first and second place, This is only a point, so everything will be defined next weekend.

Lily to be Mexican Eugenio Pisto, Built this Sunday Zero goals with Saint-Etienne, It came 80 points In the first position; When Paris Saint-Germain, Taking advantage of that setback Scored 79 points in a 4-0 win over Reims In the second stage of classification.

And so on Next Sunday, May 23, the French champion will be decided. Lily visits the Anchors, while PSG visits the State Prestois, so both teams will be looking for the title. Both games will be played at 2:00 pm Central Mexico time.

PSG is in the battle for Neymar and MBAPPÉ

Removed from Champions League and fight in Ligue 1, Both Neymar and Kylian Mbabane They carry the PSG on their shoulders. Both scored This Sunday State de Reims won 4-0.

The other two goals were scored by Brazilian Markinhos and the account was closed by Italian Mois Keane For the success of finding the title and putting PSG within a stone’s throw.

It’s worth mentioning in Lil Mexican pistol not summoned.

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